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Good Bachelor Party, the boys did great in the LA Marsh, and collecting bull reds for science

Go big or go home..,
The September winds have been keeping all our guides on their toes, but the fishing has still been good. Capt Matt was out in the LA marsh on Wednesday by his lonesome. Shame we missed the party. Boy wonder put Team Reed on 50 keeper specks, 10 reds, 1 black drum and 1 flounder. He was able to get right back out on Thursday with Jimbo Palmer and crew. Matt said he found very clean water in the 3 mile area. After knocking out a nice box of trout(63). The mighty Matt put on a clinic sight casting to bull reds. We catch bulls throughout the year, but sight casting to them will blow your mind. They did a number on the big reds and kept 4 smaller ones.
Friday, captains Kenny and Matt were out. They both told me it was rough as snot. Fighting an uphill battle, the boys put up some great numbers in the LA Marsh. Magic Matt put Kermit Broom and crew on 40 trout, 12 whites, and 6 reds. Capt Kenny did great with the Sparks crew. He was fishing 3 generations of them. In howling winds, rough seas and dirty water, they cranked out 15 specks, 30 whites, and 4 bonus reds. Back at the dock a 4th generation Sparks joined the festivities. Richard Sparks 3 year old great grandson wanted to go on a boat ride. After cleaning their fish, capt Kenny put all four generations(3 to 83 years old) on the boat for an idle down Bayou Caddy aka "Shiyou Caddy". He said the little fellow was all over it.
Saturday, the wind and seas kept all three boats in the Bay. Calm, safe and productive for everyone fishing with us.
Capt Kenny and myself had the very fun Knight Bachelor party from Jackson, MS. After sampling a little night life at the casinos, the boys piled into the boats. They kept the good times rolling and got right on the bite. It was a random, but steady bite. Both boats were battling big and small sheepshead, black drum, redfish, and flounder. One of them days you never knew what was going bite. They left a very tired, but smiling and happy band of misfits.
Capt Jimmy Ray fished next to our boat the first part of the morning. He had team Skeero. They were in action from start to finish. In between the puppy drum and big sea monsters, they worked on the flounders and reds as well.
Brought in the hired guns on Sunday. Captains Brett and Darren Ladner were a big help. They both did very well in the LA marsh. Brett was out with the Lowell Bowen crew. Saw them early in the morning while they were yanking on some trout. He left as soon as his bite slacked off in search o greener pastures. He put em on some more trout and several nice reds. Brett is big fan of the artificials and even bigger fan of casting them tight lined. Talked to Capt Darren later that evening. He was out with the Wolf crew from Opeliaka, AL. The husband and wife team did great. On a last minute booked trip, they nailed 25 specks, 20 whites, and 10 reds! All the boats have been using a healthy amount of live shrimp, on Carolina rigs an under the popping corks. Darren said Roscoe had nice shrimp for sale. Bay Marina and Bordages, and Lafrances have been having shrimp as well.
I was out Sunday with Bob, Kyle and Bobby Creely. One of my favorite crews to wet a line with. Big Bob wanted some trout for the table and some bull reds for his boys. Like it was scripted, we did both at our first stop. Fished over some oysters near Caddy with live shrimp and pogies on the Carolina rigs. Once the wind and chop kicked up our bite slowed to a crawl. Did manage a flounder to complete the inshore slam! Coolest part of my day came chatting with 8 year old Bobby. Making small talk, I asked him if liked going to see movies at the theatre? Without even looking up from watching his line, he said, "Capt Sonny, I don't go to the movies, I go fishing". Just may be hope for that generation...
Have spent the last two days with Walter and Paul from Aqua Green. They are in need of bull red samples. Have two more days with them, but so far we been on a good bite. Pretty neat seeing how much care these boys take in the handling of these fish. We have had a huge freaking box on the front of my boat to hold the bulls for them. They blast oxygen through it and keep the salinity and temp under constant observation. Luckily we have been able to dial in the big ones they need. Using shrimp, mullet, pogies and soft plastics to catch them, findiing them has been the hardest part. Once you find one, we can get what they need. Just looking for drains pushing mullet or pogies, the diving pelicans usually point the way.
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