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Over 100 REDFISH!!!! and some great fall fishing

Playing the wind, and having fun with the fish. Capt Kenny finished his tour with the Stone Cold Austin crew, they spent three days battling bull reds, black drum, sheepshead and more, when they ended their 3 day adventure, they had all boated their biggest ever fish!
> Thursday Capt Matt and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day in the LA Marsh. He had Don Smith and I was with Christian Chauvin along with Lee Perez. Both boats did very good. Even though we were in totally different sections of the marsh, the pattern was the same. The trout were holding in around the drains from shallow ponds to open bays, boat Monkey popping corks with opening night soft plastics in the water that was 3 to 4 feet worked the best. If the trout were holding in the middle or holes of the drains, we switched to tight lined soft plastics. Both boats boxed 25 nice keeper trout before going to work on the reds in the shallow ponds. Water was clean and sight fishing was the attack plan. Our fish were gorging on the seemingly endless supply of shrimp, finger mullet and crabs in the clear shallow ponds. We grabbed 8 good slot reds, one puppy drum and one good flounder. Magic Matt did even better keeping 13 slots and released several big bulls. We were pitching tight lined soft plastics and strike king redfish magic spinner baits.
> The all go no quit Calhoun Fence company two boat crew wanted to fish on Friday. Winds were 25+ and it was sporty. Capt kenny an I made the best of it. Made a short trip in the Bay and just soaked dead and live shrimp on the bottom near the bridges. In horrific seas, but we still brought in a mess of slot reds, puppy drum, sheepshead and flounder. More wind burnt then sunburnt, but we are calling it a victory.
> Sunday we had 5 boats out, four in the LA marsh and 1 on a shorter near shore trip. Me, Matt and Kenny had the 8 person Hall group from Tyson Farms. We covered some water and all had the exact same results. Plenty of small, undersized trout at every stop. Keepers were here and there. We all took advantage of the high water to get as far into the ponds and sloughs as best we could. When the smoke cleared it was a redfish massacre. We brought in 39 but many more released, including a pile of bulls. Close to 50 keeper trout came back to the dock as well.
Capt Darren was reeking havoc on the bull reds and did well on the trout with the Flowers crew. They caught 12 bulls and close to 30 nice trout.
Capt jimmy ray was in close with the Sanford crew on a near shore trip. They kept 20 puppy drum and a mess of white trout. Plenty of action and pretty of fun!
Sunday we had boats stretched out all over the gulf. Two in close, two in the marsh and I even went back for a second trip in the afternoon. Captains Kenny and Jimmy Ray were working near shore trips and made a great showing. They caught everything, and did it close to home. Jimmy Ray with the Davis crew and Kenny with Jeff and the boys kept the poles bent. Live shrimp on the bottom, fishing the reefs caught slot reds, specks, sheepshead and puppy drum. While they were grinding away, a flock of terns over a school of humongous bull reds rolled through. Kenny with the young bucks even pulled off a triple hook up!
I was in the La Marsh with Mr and Mrs Bivins by way of Jackson. Not much in the way of trout, but the red fishing was great in the ponds. Used mostly the Boat Monkey Corks with soft plastics tipped with dead shrimp. Just casting to the wakes the fish were pushing. Put 9 big slot reds in the box made our way home. Swapped out crews and headed back out with the Williams crew(Andrew, Chris, Henry and Gibby) only fished for about 2 an 1/2 hours in low low water. We let the young bucks reel all 7 of the reds. Had one of the slot reds attack the Boat Monkey cork 4 times before he took the soft plastic under it!
Monday we were back at it, in some phenomenal weather. Flat calm, clean and fishy water. I was with Larry and Ben Peck from north Alabama. Found plenty of trout, but not much in the way of keepers. I could hear Captains Darren and Kenny working on a few keepers over the VHF. They were working a three boat trip compliments of Capt Brett Ladner. We were drifting a shoreline looking for trout and started working the grass banks with the Boat Monkey corks and plastics tipp
ed with shrimp. Every few minutes a fish was hitting so we opted to stay. It worked, and the fish just kept coming over the side. We got our 15 fish limit and jumped over to find Kenny and Darren. They were doing well on the sparkle trout, Darrens crew was doing battle with a bull red. As we started drifting quitely towards them, a huge school of bull reds swam around our boat. Ben had one inhale his bait 5 feet off the side of the boat. Ruined our trout bite, but I think he was more happy to see that fish than some trout. Released the big boy and headed home with our box of reds and very few trout. Got a text from Kenny, seems they did fantastic on the fish. The three boat crew finished strong with a whopping 150 trout, 18 reds and 2 flounder!
On a sad note, one of our best fishing friends passed away this weekend. "Uncle" Jesse McMichael from Petal MS is now in heaven. It was an honor and just a treat to know him. He was one of the most happy go lucky guys you would ever want to meet. I am sure he is up there wetting a line, telling jokes and smiling down on us. RIP Uncle Jess.

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