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Reds, flounder, trout, drum, sheepshead and Bass?….

Just doing what we can, when we can. We have tried our best to keep our clients informed on what the weather man is "predicting". With the cold fronts coming down, some days, we have to plan ahead. If the wind is howling out of the north or east, we stay in the Bay, and or fish the shore lines. Big south winds usually is a reschedule do to rough seas along with a flooded marsh. If it is productive and fishable, we will fish it.
We have been spending a lot of time fishing the reefs, Bay and shore lines. The stacked up cold fronts have kept the Shore Thing Guides close to home and they have been doing great. The rivers have been holding good trout, and the bridges have kept customers busy with red fish, sheepshead, drum and flounder. Capt Matt Tusa puts it best when trying to fish on windy days. "It is not a matter of finding calm water on windy days. It is finding calm water that has fish in it". Just moving a lot and trying everything we can. Live bait, popping corks, tight lines, carolina rigs, spinner baits are getting cast at most every stop. When the bite stops, we have been moving. A lot of the guides are coming back to the "hot spots" later to see if a fresh batch of fish have moved in though.
Think we have only been to the marsh one day in the last week(Saturday). I am glad Logan Phillips picked up their Louisiana Charter Passenger Licences. I had every intention of staying close. Capt Matt and I could barely hear Captains Jimmy Ray and Kenny Shiyou on the VHF. They were doing well on the trout and grabbing a few red fish. Matt and the Johnson crew bailed first and went south, we went shortly after them. Was pleasantly surprised when we got there, found some of the clearest water we have seen in weeks. Saw plenty of red fish, bulls and slot fish. Missed more than we caught, but the guys had a ball calling their shots and picking off fish. Coolest thing of the day for us was in a foot of water in some broken marsh. We jumped a big flounder in the gin clear water. We watched the fish swim 20 yards from us right into the bank. The flounder ran right into a slot red that none of us saw in the grass. The fish spooked from the flounder but was still hungry and ate the spinner bait we put right in front of it, very freaking cool.
Capt Kenny and J-Ray returned with trout catches in the 20's and 30's with several reds. They said the smaller trout were everywhere. Capt Matt did well on the reds that day with a very lively Johnson crew. They came in with 14 reds and several big flounders. We all noticed that the bigger trout have moved into the deeper ditches and have been holding in the deeper pockets.
Did get to fish a few days with an old friend, from back in my Venice days. Jim Rivers, aka "Crazy A" and his buddy Donald "Duck" Ellis from Chattanooga, TN were in town for a little fun. These two old salts have spent a lifetime catching small mouth, large mouth, crappie, tuna, grouper, snapper, cobia, wahoo, trout, and red fish. Duck owns a marina in TN and Jim has been a tackle tester/builder and guide most of his life. Jim and I used to trade spots in Venice, mostly for snapper and grouper. He and Duck wanted to strictly target flounder for a couple days, as neither one had ever done it. Well... it was a two day grind, and we covered a lot of shore line, but they did what they came to do. Never did find them stacked up, but just kept grabbing one here, and one there. Got to give it to them, they did not miss many. The boys pulled out of town with 40 flounder, and couple bonus trout and reds. Just glad I was able to knock another item off the bucket list, Jim said swordfish is next...
Did get to hear from Capt Kenny on our last day of flounder pounding. He was out with Team Sarris. The happy couple has been with us before, and they did great with Kenny. Sounded like they caught everything that swims. They did well on the usual trout, reds and flounder but did grab a bunch of bonus fish. They not only grabbed some drum and sheepshead, but even found some fresh water catfish and bass!
Just doing what we can with what we is thrown at us. Watching our wind and playing it safe. Still looks like it is going to be a great fall.

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