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Sight casting to reds in crystal clear water in the Marsh!!!!

Was finally able to sneak over to the marsh this week and it was awesome!
Had a last minute call from Craig and the boys from Cajun Land Seasoning. They were unable to go tuna fishing out of Venice due to the high wind and seas but had some time to play with. Very fun group of guys, the fact that one of them accidentally packed his much smaller wifes rain coat(and wore it), set the tone for the day. I had every intention of a near shore trip, but the seas were do able for a crossing to the marsh. We started fishing points and drains, taking advantage of the falling tide. It was good, but they were quick bites. Had to steal a move from Capt Matt Tusas play book and worked a big pond in the 9 mile area. The banks were full of shells and broken marsh. The fish seemed to be just doing laps in the pond and we were picking them off. After several "laps" the action slowed so we left.
Changed gears and started working the ditches inside the marsh. Even with a good breeze and fast moving water the water was crystal clear. I have fished these ditches many times before, and have seen clean water in them, but nothing like this. In several of the bends where the water is deeper, you could 6 to 8 feet to the bottom. We literally had reds and sheepshead just swimming under the boat. Even though some of these guys actually make blackening redfish seasoning, they had never done this type of red fishing. Soon the ditches became prison rules fishing and it was every man for himself. There were fish all around the boat(and under it). Think we had 3 separate triple hook ups and many singles and doubles. When the smoke cleared, we had caught 24 reds, 4 sheepshead, and 6 sparkle trout. Used the Strike Kind Redfish magic spinner baits and the boat monkey popping corks with live or dead shrimp under them. As long as you did not hit the fish on the head, they inhaled everything we threw at em.
Did have a speaking engagement earlier in the week. My daughters Pre-K class at Coast Episcopal is working on the letter F this week. Her teachers were nice enough to let me come and talk to the class about Fish and Fishing. My little girl even helped me with the presentation, making sure that all of her classmates raised their hands to guess what fish was on the slide show I had prepared. Was one of the most memorable experience I have had to date, and certainly one of the most fun ones.

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