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Big red fishing trip to the marsh. 3 Boat trip in close and Hunting in the Devils Swamp for Deer and Hawgs!!!





The cold fronts have kept us on our toes, but we have been having some fun on and off the water. Friday of last week we had 4 boats out and everyone had a great day on the water.
Captains Matt, Kenny and hired Gun Capt Brett had big 3 boat corporate trip with MS Power. They kept the crew in close and fished in the Lake Borgne/ Rigolets area. They left before my trip and were gone when we got back, but I did get the greatest hits. They did not have to go far to get the big crew a mess of trout, drum, reds, sheepshead and flounder. No one had to deal with any rough seas and some of the trout the boys found were on the larger size.
I was with Jenny Powers and her dad Jeff for his retirement present fishing trip. Big thanks to my old buddy Dr Trey Sutton for sending this crew our way. We braved the open the water and made it to the LA Marsh. Did find a few sparkle trout, but once we caught we the first redfish we stayed on em. Very competitive crew, and they did not put a rod down till it was time to head in. Most of the day was spent pounding banks with Boat Monkey Popping Corks with the soft plastics under them, tipped with dead shrimp. There was very few throw backs and most of the fish were in the 18-20 inch range. Water was fairly high, so we spent the later part of day in some shallow ponds and lagoons. The reds were plentyful and hungry once we got in there. Finally got to see the big packs of cruising reds. Jenny and Jeff were lethal when they switched to the spinner baits. We yanked close to 20 good ones out, but released many. Took a following sea in and ended our trip safe and sound.
Have been booked, but have had to reschedule the last few days do to gale force winds and  rough seas associated with the cold fronts. Since we have been off, several of the Shore Thing Guides have been in the woods hunting. Gun(with Dog) season opened on Saturday and I got to join the Devils Swamp Hunting Club for opening day. Captains Kenny and Jimmy Ray are founding members of the massive hunting club in the Pearlington area of Hancock County. This was my first opening weekend to make and the woods were full of hunters(male and female), both young and old. There were more kids out there than a Chucky-E-Cheese on a Saturday. The club is big into getting young hunters in the woods, and I gotta tell you, it is an absolute hoot! Capt Jimmy Ray kept me with him and we had several close encounters with deers and hogs on Saturday and Sunday. Capt Jimmy Ray winged a nice buck that was finished by off by a hunter down the field. I finally got to fire shot(after 3 years) but that is all I did. The buck was pretty far down range, and they club member down the clearing from me was able to get him. The club harvested several nice swamp donkey bucks and a good number of big and small hogs. The biggest hawg of the weekend was shot by Jay Verdin, he got one that was over 225 POUNDS! Very fun bunch of guys, gals and youngsters to hunt with. Just fun to watch the veteran members guide the new members and younger hunters into the prime shooting spots. Gonna try to sneak out there later in the week, stay tuned...

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