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Pulled a baby rat out of a bull reds belly!!!!!!!!!

The pictures don't lie, and yes that is a rat that was pulled out of a bull reds belly. Bare with me and I will get to the events leading up to finding it, here we go...
Had a good one on Wednesday with a great bunch of guys. Skipper Samson, Judge Kelvin Wells and their pal Ben were in town for a cast a blast. Until this past September, Judge Wells held the triple tail record on my boat with a 23 pound fish. It has been several years since he an I have fished together, but something memorable always happens when he is on the boat...
What a great man day this trio had planned. They were gonna fish in the marsh for the morning, and then head up to Antlers and Wings Plantation to do a little wing shooting. Since our dock is only 30 minutes from the hunting plantation, all we needed was some fish.
The fog was bad all week, this would be the only day I was out in it. Looking back, it was a very bad call to leave the dock, but hind sight is 20/20. Once we got to the marsh, the fog lifted, and we were in the fish. We only had a few hours to play before they traded the rods for the shotguns. Luckily, the redfish were hungry and plentiful. Finally got to see the big packs, even in the shallow ponds and ditches. One of the packs we ran into had over 20 slot fish in it!
This was my kind of crew, they busted each others chops all day long. If one of them made a bad cast or missed a fish, the gloves came off. It was all in spirit of fun, especially since the fishing was good. Only had time to make 4 stops, but either saw or hooked fish at every stop. Most everything came off of the spinner baits, even two big bull reds. Got 10 for the grill, a puppy drum and a couple of suicidal trout before the boys had to make their bird shooting appointment.
The cleaning tables at Shiyou Caddy was where the real fish story of the day was. We normally check the stomachs of the fish, just to keep tabs on what they are munching on. The last few trips, it has been cocahoes, sand eels and mullet. I was not prepared for what was in the biggest bull reds stomach. The big boys stomach was full, it looked like a mini nerf football, he had been eating good. Like the seen from Jaws when they cut open the tiger sharks stomach, all kinds of stuff came out. Inside was 2 smashed up blue crabs, an oyster shell, a whole clam, and a freaking RAT! Capt Matt and I have pulled baby nutria rats out of reds stomachs, years ago. Have caught plenty of reds over the years, but that was the most interesting stomach gumbo I have ever heard of.

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