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BIG BIG REPORT WITH GREAT PHOTOS. Great fishing in the marsh, another rat in a red fish belly, and tons more!!!

Been a fun week on an off the water. Had some incredible fishing and awesome holiday experiences. Here we go...
Capt Matt an I had two insane days in the marsh this week. The trout and the red fishing has been good. Tuesday I was out with Harry Vesesus(party of one). Harry works at Prarie Wildlife(hunting resort) in West Point, MS and wanted to enjoy his 50th Birthday in the marsh. Harry an I hit the jackpot on the reds. The water was honestly the lowest I have ever seen ever in the marsh. We barely got in and out of the marsh, but anywhere we found deeper pockets of water in the ponds, the reds were stacked like chord wood. We got our limit in just a few minutes, and basically played the rest of the day. Trolled one very shallow shore line of gin clear water. It was absolutely infested with slot reds. Some of the packs of reds we saw were well over 30 fish thick. He was chucking topwater baits, and we were able to watch the fish chase, and crash his bait in the clear water(very cool). Had all day to goof off, so we went looking for some sparkle trout. Got plenty of help from our friends out in the marsh. Capt Dennis Marshall(Becuna), Captains Brian Gagnon and Jeremy McHugh(Southern Way) were all out in the marsh. They had been working on the trout pretty darn good the last few days and pointed us in the right direction/scenario. Deeper channels, focusing on the turns or drains with current lines was the ticket. Tight lined soft plastics(opening night and motor oil) got hit every cast once we found the right point. The throw back to keeper ratio was a bit high, but we did box a few eaters. Big thanks to Dennis, Brian and Jeremy for the intel. Spent the last part of our day catching and releasing reds on spinner baits and topwater baits.
Capt Matt was out with Shore Things favorite couple, Milton and Harriet from Tupelo, MS. These two have been with us many times and have fished with almost all of our guides. We must be doing something right, because they keep coming back. They spent the majority of their day working on Mrs Harriets favorite, speckled trout. Magic Matt put them on several good bites in the deeper channels. They were 7 fish shy of their limit, but had some big uns mixed in with the schoolies. In between spots, Matt was forced to troll banks(shallow water). It worked in their favor, Matt said some of the schools of reds they jumped had 40 or more fish in them!
Back at the dock, Mr Milton asked if I was fishing  the next day and I told him my trip had canceled. Fast forward a few hours, and we were heading back to the marsh the next morning. Mrs Harriet opted to due a little shopping in old town Bay St. Louis while Milton an I worked on the trout and reds. Another day of low water, but we were able to find plenty of action. The reds were still thick, but it was tricky in some of the shallow ponds. One spot we were able to creep into was covered up in reds. We did not see the fish, because the way into the pond put us looking straight into the sun. When we hooked the first fish blind casting, the pond began boiling with the fish pinned in it. It was like going cow tipping and having the herd freak out after the first one gets pushed over. The reds were kind to us, but it took us several stops to land on the trout.
Last stop of the day put us on a great trout bite, with few throw backs. After the first 6-8 fish hit the ice quick, being the good dude that he is, Mr Milton asked, "you gonna call Matt"? Since they were just a few canals over with the Kermit Broom crew(party of 3) they got there in 5 minutes. They had a decent box of trout, but this put the icing on the cake. They eased in right next to us, and both boats worked a 20x20 spot, that was thick with keeper trout. Our bite was shut down when 2 dolphins joined the party. Great day none the less, and the ride home was right pleasant. Our boat came in with Mr Miltons limit of trout and reds. Matt rolled in two days in a row with 43 trout. They did have a big red in the box too.
Believe it or not, pulled another rat out of the belly of one of our reds. Took pictures, but that rat had been in the stomach of this one for lil bit. This is the 4th one we have found, and the 2nd in just a few weeks. Might have to get into the topwater rat lure making business?
Couple of things:
Gotta give a big ATTA BOY! to the Southern Anglers of Mississippi fishing club. Every year the club collects funds(in house) to purchase bicycles for young boys and girls in need of a little extra holiday cheer. This year they were able to get close to 60 bikes! Nice job SAM's Club!!!!
Big thanks to Sid Leblanc and the entire Boat House gang for saving my tail yet again. I was having a weird cranking issue with my boat, and even with a new battery. In a rush, I got one with the wrong Cold Cranking Amps(CCA) on the battery. They caught the mistake, replaced it, and saved me from a possible cold night in the marsh. Thanks Boat House, you guys are the best!
Lastly, anyone in need of a last minute Christmas gift, Shore Thing Charters does do Gift Certificates for charters. Simply email me(sonnyschindler@yahoo.com) the name of who is getting the gift, and the name of who is giving the trip. Call us if you need to.
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