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Chilly water red fishing in the Marsh

Still able to get out here and there, but having to plan our days around the weather. Between the fog, wind, low tides, and Polar Apocalypses (or whatever the heck we are calling them this week), on the good weather days the fishing has been good. Capt Matt an I have still been holding down the fort while Captains Kenny, Kyle and Jimmy Ray have been filling the freezers with venison and pork.
Two of the last the last three trips we were very limited by the low water. The ponds and areas Matt an I have been working were a bit to low to get to. That with a falling tide, means no go. Most of the areas we have been working are holding reds, just some better than others.
On the days we have enough water to get far back into the ponds the red fishing had been fantastic. Sunday had Lori and Steven Jacobs from Ocean Springs on the boat. Had to wait for the fog to break, but once it did, got a glass calm ride to the marsh. After a bit of zigging and zagging, we were able to get deep into the marsh. Used spinner baits all day in shallow water to get a 2 person limit of reds. Water was semi clean but a lil over cast. Most of the reds you could not see until they right next to the boat. Blind casting was the ticket, you just had to keep the hooks wet. Best part of the day was long balling a cast and hooking up in a big pack. The water would start boiling with fish going wild. Even had a few fish run into the side of the boat and trolling motor.
Strangest thing I have seen in a while was on the first fish of the day. While blind casting in the shallow ponds, we snagged what looked like a log? There is not a tree for many many miles in the marsh, but sometimes they float in with storms. When we pulled it close to the boat, and saw it had a tail! Turned out, it was an alligator gar that had grass an algae growing all over it. The water was 45 degrees, but we saw several smaller ones that looked normal. I usually take pictures of all the weird stuff we see, but I was not touching or putting that thing in the boat. Pulled the hook off his tail and he just kind of swam off. On the way out of the pond, we went right over it again. I touched him with my rod tip and he just moved over a few feet. No theories, but kind of gross and neat in the same sentence.
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