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Big Trout, Big Reds, Big Drum, BIG WEEKEND!!!!

We have had boats scattered all over the Northern Gulf of Mexico the last few days. Some nice trout have been coming in, but they are making us work for them in the LA Marsh. The near shore stuff has been good , even finding a few trout there too.

Wanted to thank the good folks at the GCRL for a great evening at the Catch More Fish with Science event on Thursday. Was pleasantly surprised to see close to 100 people out in the crowd. The local high school in Ocean Springs even cooked after the event, and served up some delicious seafood for everyone. Capt Matt will be speaking at one in a few weeks, and we will keep you posted as it closer.
Friday, all the boats headed to the marsh for nice weather. We had boats from one end to the other. Water has still been murky from the windy days, and high river. Just have to work a little harder to get what we need. Happy to report, Capt Darren, fishing with the Lineburger crew, found some very nice trout. They were pulling into the skinning shed as I was pulling out, but I snapped a picture of their catch. He had close to 20 fish, but not a one of them needed to be measured. The two younger anglers he had on the boat were just as thrilled about the massive sheepshead they caught.
I was back in the ponds with Christian Chauvin from New Orleans. Was able to fish anywhere I wanted, due to the higher water, but it came with a price. The water that moved in was dirty, and made sight casting almost impossible. We spent our day pounding the banks spinner baits. The first pond we worked had bait and fish crashing the banks. Thought we were gonna work em over early, and even through the top water mouse for the first part of the day. Got a few blow ups on it, but opted out for the spinner bait. Took longer than we thought, but got what we needed. Don't think any of the fish were the same size. We kept fish from 17 inches to 30 inches.
Capt Kenny, Capt Matt and Capt Tom were easing and picking through the marsh as well. They all came back with trout, reds, and sheepshead.
Saturday was some good fishing and some incredible weather. We had 6 boats out, some fished in close and others went to the marsh. Capt Alex with the Hebe crew did have to move very much. Every time we called them to check in, he just said they are steady coming over the rail. Not leaving them to find them, they topped off the box with plenty of sheepshead and puppy drum.
Capt Kenny was the last boat to the leave dock, but that did not matter for David Stanley and his crew from Waynesboro, MS. The only trouble they seemed to have was keeping the big sea monster black drum out of the structures.They broke off 4 big ones, but did not miss a beat on the keeper sized drum, sheepshead and even found a nice flounder.
Capt Darren and Capt Brett were making a good go of it in the LA Marsh. Darren was back with the Lineburger crew, and Capt Brett had the Sanford tribe. Both crews had younger anglers which made for great day, catching some big speckled trout and some massive sheepshead. Brett said young Alex an Ashely did great and were good sports.
I had a quick trip in close with my good buddy Chris Walters and his girl friend Effie. Chris deals in tackle, he makes it, sells it and most certainly uses it. His gal friend Effie is from Canada(Americas Hat). They were up for a little day in the Bay, but it only took a couple hours to fill the box. Literally dropped anchor and started bending rods. Gotta say, it was one of the better near shore trips I have been on in long time. Effie had the hot hand, she grabbed most of the red fish, while Chris an I kept the puppy drum flying over the side. 2 hours into it, the lid on the fish box was not closing. We pointed the boat to the dock and called it a day. Very fun day with the happy couple, we closed with 8 reds, 8 drum and 1 lone trout.
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