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Big Fish, Big Boats, Big FISHING REPORT!!!!

What a wild, fun week this past one has been! Gonna try and get it together, but will certainly get the greatest hits. Here we go....
Captains Matt, Darren and myself spent some long days in the LA Marsh on Tuesday and Wednesday. Randy Clark and the Observa-Dome group invited us out to a mother ship in the Marsh. Got to work doubles with the gang from the Due South III. Captains James, Jeremy and Leo were very accommodating to the partnership, even though we were more like pampered guests. We would pick the crews up every morning from the big boat and were fishing minutes later. The school trout were very good to us and we put up some good numbers the first morning and afternoon. The shrimp were jumping everywhere, and the trout were smoking them. Capt James even took out one of the skiffs and got a nice triple tail. It was a good feeling having that big boat out there when the little squalls were passing through. The Frisbee sized cheeseburgers they fed us, did not hurt either. The Shore Thing, Due South team put up 100 something trout and a pile of red fish.
The last afternoon, Capt James told us that the trip limit of trout was done, so we went strictly looking for reds. My man Jason got to sight cast to a huge black drum in a foot of water, it was incredible. Traveling through open water in the marsh we rolled up on a huge school of giant bull reds. We were slinging the Matrix Shads(shrimp creole) under the Boat Monkey corks. Hooked 7 quickly, broke off 4 and landed 3. Just an absolute great way to end our 2 days of fun with Observa-Dome and the Due South crew.
The guides during the week, working the day trips, were doing well on the trout as well. Captains Tom, Matt, Darren and Kenny were doing a number on the trout, and reds. We all had to dodge some summer time thunder bumpers, just had to be very careful in our routes. Capt Matt and Kenny had a phenomenal redfish bite, earlier in the week. Working the same small section of shore line, they boys yanked close to 20 slot red fish. Capt Kenny has been on a bit of a streak on the trout as well. Some of the fish are the biggest we have seen in weeks. Mr Perry and Mike Eastman got to experience two good days of trout, red and flounder catching with Kenny.
Coincidentally, the boys have been having some fun with their families, on and off the water. Captains Matt and Darren both got to bring their sons to work this week. Matts son Gray(6) and Darren's son Colton(20) got in on a great trout bite, side by side. Capt Darren and Colton came in with 30 good uns. They sounded like they had more fun watching young Gray show his skills. That lil dude is going to be a force to reckoned with on the water. Capt Matt has taught him well, quickly.
I was lucky enough to sneak my daughter out of her Pre-K class on Thursday. I needed her to help me give a fishing talk to the First Grade class at Coast Episcopal Elementary. We had an absolute ball, and some of the students in the class had even fished with me before. One awesome way to spend my day off from fishing.
Since the lady fish and pogie schools have been close to shore, the big bull reds, Jacks, bull sharks and black tips have not been hard to find. Once the trout and red fishing ends, some of our crews have requested to break out the big poles. If you have never done this type of fishing, it is an absolute kick in the pants! Anything bloody or wiggling gets hit on the wire leaders and circle hooks. Some of the bigger sharks have been pushing the triple digit mark! Just never gets old hearing that drag scream.
Looking forward to getting Capt Alex back in town. He is guiding dove hunts up north. He said the pigeon shootin has been good, but he wants to get in on the trout slaying before duck season gets here. What a life...
Fishing seems as though it is getting into a good consistent pattern. We have boats open most days if anyone wants to come get in on the action.
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