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CAPT DARRENS MONSTER DEER, also Marsh Fishing Fantastic and Near Shore Bite Incredible!!!!!

Still going strong, and having a ball with the incredible winter time fishing. Capt Matt was out in the LA Marsh on Wednesday with the Battle Boys. They did an outstanding job on the speckled trout and the red fish, loaded the boat!!! Capt Matt said they pretty much just stayed in on a bite from start to finish. The ponds he fished for his red fish, he said were crawling with red fish. When they got to the very back of one pond, he said they heard what sounded like a washing machine churning up the water, feeding. All the fish they tangled with, were those perfect 25-26 inch LA Marsh slot reds. After a slow summer of trout fishing, I cant tell you how enjoyable it has been wearing our customers out on these hard pulling slot reds. Matt has been on one of the better trout bites we have seen in several weeks. He kind of hinted as to where he has been fishing, and he is so far back in the marsh I cant imagine those trout have any where else to go. Should be fun out there for a while.
The near shore fishing along the MS Gulf Coast has been stellar as well. Me and Capt Matt had a late leaving bachelor party for Matt Giepert on Thursday. He had friends in town from all over the nation. I had guys from Utah, Oregon and Louisiana on my boat. The guys from out west were blown away that our fish were so big and so hungry. The groom to be's brother Mike was on Capt Matts boat, he had the hot hand on the fish. We fished with in sight of their boat most of the morning, but had to move. We got tired of watching him out fish our crew(size and numbers).Both boats only boxed 5 or 6 fish for dinner(trout, reds, flounder, sheepshead, drum), they were getting a restaurant to prepare their catch later that night. The rest of haul we took pics of a few and released many. Them Left Coast boys caught the biggest and most fish they had ever seen. Both boats stayed hooked up almost the entire 4 hours with red fish, black drum, sheepshead, speckled trout and a good mess of flounders!!! I cant stress enough, if yall don't want to make the run to the marsh or have young/novice anglers in town, TAKE THE NEAR SHORE TRIP. Short runs, lots of action, big fish and great fun. Weather permitting, the LA Marsh has amazing fishing this time of year too.
Finally got word from Capt Kenny and Capt Darren this week, they are alive. They are way up in North Mississippi, somewhere near Capt Alex's duck hunting operation. Got Kenny on the phone, he was tracking a huge deer his nephew Guy had shot. Sounded like they will be returning with plenty of venison. Lost the signal and have not heard back from him. Capt Darren returned my text later that afternoon with a photo of  one of the biggest deer I have ever seen! Could not be prouder of him, no one deserves a trophy like that more than Capt Darren. He is a hard working man, and one heck of a Dad/Husband to his wife and kids. This however, was one of the few hunts his kids were not on(school). His kids are gonna make his life a living HELL till he gets them a big one...
Still got boats open most days if yall wanna go have some fun. Call, text or email if yall have any questions, or wanna set something up.
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