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Fishing in the LA Marsh and in MS Sound (Bull Reds, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder)

We have covered some ground the past few days. The guides have been on the water everyday this week. I am certain this incredible weather will come to end, but we have been enjoying every single second of it. The warm weather and calm seas were perfect for trips to the LA Marsh. Me and Capt Matt spent a couple of days poking around the marsh. The water was surprisingly clean in most places. There were small schools of bay chovies and mullet too.
Capt Kenny and Capt Kyle even went offshore tuna fishing (fun trip) on Wednesday! They jumped at the chance to head way out in the Gulf of Mexico with Team Boathouse. They did 340 MILES(yes three hundred and forty miles) in one day!!! They returned with several nice yellow fin and black fin tuna. They said they had fun, but also said it would be a while before the next trip. I think they have a new found appreciation for the "skinny water".
Poor Capt Alex was doing some sampling work this week. He was on the water, but unable to fish in picture perfect weather. He was making a paycheck, but pulling his hair out being that close to the fish and unable to put a hook in water. Ahh the life of a charter boat captain...
The  Smith Crew and the Hagan crew were our LA Marsh passengers this week. The Hagans brought down 3 generations of men.  Grandpa, Dad and the two sons (Will, Will, Will and Harris) were all about the big bull reds. The biggest one they caught was almost 42 inches. We even made time to make a few stops to garnish the box with sheephead and puppy drum. They were worn out for the ride in, young William passed out on the bow and lil Harris was out cold leaning against me crossing the MS Sound.
Capt Darren had Jerome and Monica Brown on a half day near shore trip for their 10th wedding anniversary fishing trip. They did great on the drum, sheephead, and Capt Darren even managed a couple of trout for the happy couple.
Capt Jimmy Ray got to run a 1 person trip, with Brad Stockstill. They put together an impressive box of puppy drum, red fish, flounder, sheephead, and even a few bonus ground mullet. What was more impressive was how close to the dock they did it.
Phil and Dan joined me the same day, and they were hunting for only one thing, supper. They wanted enough fish for them and the wives. A local restaurant was going to prepare it for them later that evening. We got them plenty of sheephead and puppy drum, and went looking for big drag screamers. Got Phil on a massive "sea monster" black drum. When we went to explore another area, we ran into Capt Kenny with the Lamdey crew. The husband and wife duo were doing a number on the big Spring Time black drum. We were close enough to hear the Okuma spinning reels singing. He evidently landed perfectly on a school of them. Every bait they through out got hammered.
I got to settle the score with those big fish, and even got in film. Al Jones and Lee Field with local news station WLOX (Fish and Game Report) were on the boat doing on segment on Spring Break fishing. Joining us was Lee's daughter and her sorority sisters from Kansas. They had never seen fish that big, and had one heck of a Spring Break fishing trip. They even Spring Broke my landing net on the big drum. If you want to see the video, here is the link:(http://www.wlox.com/category/264403/fish-and-game-report).
Looks as though we have a new friend at the Shore Thing dock aka "Shiyou Caddy" in Bayou Caddy, MS. A little otter has been cruising the canal and coming by to say hello everyday. The kids have even named him "Ozzy". Everyone but the pelicans and seagulls really likes him.
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