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Bad weather, but great fishing!!!!!!!

 Believe it or not, but we have actually been out in this weather, EVERYDAY!!!! Yes, we have canceled and rescheduled most of our trips, but two groups were in town willing to make a go of it. The Austin crew was with Capt Kenny and I had the Clauss Crew. Both crews were in town for three days, but my crew was wanting only 2 days of fishing. The Austin crews has been with Shore Thing for years. All they come do is fight big fish, they keep nothing, just in it for the fight.
Since mother nature has been very very mad at us, fishing the last couple days has been challenging. It has been the same plan every time. Launch the boats as close as we can to the area we are fishing. Wait for our weather window, and take advantage of every second of it. If the weather got bad, we would run in and either wait it out, or call it a day. One of the days, Capt Kenny did the fish and wait thing all day till they got their fill. Think they went out and came in 4 times, gold star for Capt Kenny and the Austin Crew this week.
Despite the crummy weather, the fishing has been off the charts good on the reefs and bridges. Going to the LA Marsh with these forecasts is absolutely out of the question. About a mile from the launches has been about our farthest run.  Just using shrimp on the bottom rigs, the smellier the better in the dirty water. One of the slot sized reds we cleaned on Tuesday had a Berkley Gulp and a Matrix soft plastic (with the jig head) in its stomach! We have found soft plastics in fish stomachs before, but never have we found two in the same fish. Capt Kennys crew caught one with a jig head and soft plastic hanging out its mouth too! As long as it has been safe to fish, the bite has been good. Some of the boat rides we have been making are less than five minutes! Be lying if I said we have not been earning our paychecks this week. Shuffling the boats all over town, to get to the best water has been exhausting. My crew was keeping fish, so we had to trailer back to Bayou Caddy to clean them under the roof over our cleaning tables. Even with limited weather windows and dirty water, we have been doing incredible on the slot reds, puppy drum, bid sea monster black drum, sheepshead and even seeing a couple speckled trout and flounder. Really can't wait to see how the bite is when this weather stabilizes. It has the makings of an incredible year.
These are the days you are glad you have a Sport Trail Trailer, they are tough as nails. I don't even wanna think about how many miles we have trailered boats this week. Honestly though, it has been worth it, just had to bring a change of clothes each day to work.
Some of the days we fished in the rain, but we don't ever fool with the lightning. I did finally get caught in one squall tying up at the dock, we just waited too long to get in. Best part of the week has been the Marine Patrol coming to check on us at the launches. Even though they are shaking their heads at us for going out, it is nice that they come out to check that we are ok. Physically we are all very well, mentally that is a whole different story....

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