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Insane pics and fish stories from the last few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last few days have had plenty of highs and lows. None of the Shore Thing guides have had much of break. The wear and tear on the boats, tackle, and brains is beginning to take its toll. Running on pure instinct, but some incredible catches have hit the dock. I know many of the stories will not get told, but that is why we take pictures. Last Friday, was one of the biggest combined catches to hit the dock. Almost FIVE HUNDRED speckled trout hit the dock! We had 6 boats out enjoying the great fishing.
Capt Alex was with me, fishing with the Minor Crew. Our two boats were the last ones to arrive to the best trout bite we have seen in while. We did have to make one quick stop on the way to them. Henry picked up an almost legal triple tail. The fish measured 17 and 3/4 inches, so it go the photo/tag/release.
Captains Ray, Darren and Jimmy were finishing up when we arrived. Capt Jimmy was fishing the world famous WRBA crew. Capt Ryan had the other half of this crew, fishing near shore. After we traded jabs with Stew on Jimmys boat, we picked up right where they left off. Just glad we had plenty of live bait available. All the fish were caught on live shrimp under the Boat Monkey popping corks. The boys had the fish pinned against a shallow shell bank, in about a foot of water. Capt Darren was well in the triple digit club on his trout with the Doll Family. Gotta give credit to the kids on that boat, they have become fish slaying machines.
Capt Kenny missed the shallow water bite, but he was doing just fine with the Dean Team. Capt Kenny was set up at the mouth of a drain in about 3 feet of water. The trout just kept feeding into the morning and they were not gonna leave em to find em. After seeing how many boats were out in the LA Marsh, Capt Kenny made the right call staying put and working on those fish.
Spent the rest of the 4th of July weekend fishing in close on near shore trips. With the random storms, staying in close turned out to be a smart play. We found some nice trout, bull reds, black drum, sheepshead and even a small bull shark.
Monday, my old buddy from the Clarion Ledger came down. Brian Broome wanted to check out the shark fishing, just because we have never fished them together. We headed out to Cat Island and just drifted through schools of lady fish. Got to play with some black tips and bull reds, even missed a small triple tail.
Tuesday one of my most favorite crews to fish with Chris, Kathy and General Bill were on the boat. The General was about to ship out to go fight the bad guys, and wanted to fish a little before leaving. Kathy "Cat Fish Queen" was given a new title, since out fished the boys. She will now be called, the "Red Fish Queen". She put on a clinic with the bull reds and the boys were speechless.
What trout we did catch, were right next to Capt Darren, with the John Hurst crew. We were catching a few, but they were killing em. John was nice enough to let us set up inches from them to enjoy the fun. Appreciate the invite John and Capt D!
Minus the fatigue and a few minor bumps and bruises, the summer time fishing has been really fun. The trout bite has been challenging at times, but there is plenty to keep us busy. Between the redfish, white trout, black drum, triple tails, sharks and big jacks, there has been a lot to choose from. When one bite slows down, we just change gears and go look for something else to pick a fight with.
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