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3 Boats and 300 FISH in one day!!!!

It seems like the best way to insure a good day in the marsh, is to leave good ole Capt Sonny on a near shore trip...
I was having a grand old time with Hoyt Williams and his crew fishing in close. We were enjoying the flat calm seas and good fishing in the Bay. I got a text from Capt Kenny later in the morning that said all the boats are done. I honestly thought the lack of wind and high heat index got the better of them. We went about our business whacking on the puppy drum and big sea monsters. It was too perfect not to go triple tail fishing so we ventured out into the MS Sound and started seeing fish. Did not have to look hard, think we saw 5 or 6 before I saw Captains Darren, Matt and Kenny rolling in. We stayed a little while longer and grabbed 3 good triple tail, tagged one and missed a big boy.
I knew I was in trouble when I was easing up to the dock. The dock was literally covered in fish and they had one more fish box to unload!
Hoyt was a good sport about it all. We had fished the day before in the marsh and had a good day but no where near that good of a day. We had caught some nice reds back in some shallow lagoons, wrestled with the big jacks, grabbed some flounder, got a nice triple tail and even boxed a couple sparkle trout. But pulling back up to dock and having to walk around 300 freaking fish was humbling to say the least. Adding salt to the wound was seeing that the pile of trout sprinkled with flounder, red fish and triple tail! The 3 boat trout slaying crew all had on jerseys that said, "Happy Campers". Don't think Shakespeare himself could have written that one any better...
Friday, I had a crew that could only do a near shore trip. The Rolands just wanted a couple of hours before the heat got to be too much. Couple of hours was all it took. Mrs Norma had the hot hand on the bull reds, she got 2 of their 3. Mr Mack did get a nice bull and a couple of big trout. Jeff was giving the big black drum hell. No matter where he threw his bait, he would hook with the big sea monsters. Great way to spend the morning with some good folks.
Since I was on a near shore, that had to mean the boys in the marsh were skull dragging trout. True to form, they did great! Capt Kenny had a full house on board with Chad, Mike and the boys. They came in with a full fish box of trout, 125 to be exact!!! This crew Stayed at the Silver Slipper Hotel and Casino, so they did not have far to go for hot showers and the best buffet on the MS Gulf Coast.
The Mighty Capt Matt was fishing the same bite with Capt Kenny. He had John n Lynn Sabin on the boat. They were able to get their 50 fish and enjoyed a nice ride home from the LA Marsh. Both crews were using live bait to locate the fish. When the bites would get more frequent, they would switch it over to the plastics.
There was a Captain Kyle sighting this past week. He spent the day out at the Chandeliers with Dr Mack and Wally. This WAS NOT A SHORE THING CHARTER, but we did have a consultant on the boat... Just happy to see Capt Kyle getting in some sea time with the Boathouse Gang. Also, they slaughtered the big trout, got their 75 and came home early.
We had 6 boats out on Saturday. I rolled the dice and worked my way backwards. Had Kelsey and Gordon along for the experiment. The amount of boats on Fridays and Saturdays out in the LA Marsh has been mind blowing. I was gonna check a spot in close, look for triple tails early and then hopefully grab the tail end of the morning trout bite. Our first stop, Kelsey got a nice bull red and a big sheepshead. They had never caught triple tails, so that was gonna be our go to fish. We must have check a hundred bouys and only saw a bream sized one. When we got to the "party" in the marsh, it was at the end of the tide, little to no action, and not much in the way of trout. Burned some more fuel and went back after the triple tails. Hit one little hot spot on the way home. Tagged three small ones and Kelsey got one nice keeper. Late morning trout fishing in July is not a safe bet FYI, but triple tail fishing is....
The boats that left early and were set up trout fishing at first light did well. Not as well as Friday, but not too shabby either. Kenny had Chad, Mike and the boys again. They were in the 50's, but anything was gonna be hard to top the day before. Capt Darren was rolling with Mr Harold Doll and the "Doll House". That family has become trained killers when it comes to trout fishing. Mr Harold even landed his first ever triple tail, they found it swimming under a dead black drum (RIP).
Capt Jimmy was easing and pecking with the Lott crew. Capt Ray was making his live bait work for him with the Jones gang. Flat calm all day, and hot as all get out.
Sunday Funday, we got a little surprise when we got to the dock. All the boats were rigged and ready to make the jump to the LA Marsh. A stiff north west wind was making what our buddy Sid Leblanc calls the "Sucka Sea". Coming off the shore, the winds don't kick up the seas till you get a couple of miles out. The NW wind can "Sucker" you into going long and making you pay for it on the return. Capt Kenny had his cousin, Scott Kerr in town, with literally a baseball team of kids. Kenny, myself and Capt Darren took out the entire dugout for a near shore trip in MS waters. Everyone was from Oklahoma, so this was like Candy Land to them. They did not want to leave the wide open gafftop catfish bites. When we introduced them to bull reds, big trout, and huge black drum, they were already asking the coaches when could they come back.
Capt Ray was out with the Vargas Crew. He was working some shore lines and putting a serious dent in the local flounder population. One of the young guns on his boat wanted to try some fly fishing. Capt Ray turned him loose and found him some takers. When we were talking with the young angler at the dock, he was very humble. On flies he tied himself, he caught trout, redfish and triple tail. I told the young man, "Dude, you are one of very few people on the planet who can say they did that today". Even got a smile out of him with that...
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