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Man o Man, the past several days have been fun. That morning west wind kept us on our toes all week long. Almost all of the trips we ran on the windy days were of the near shore variety. The fishing has been incredible on the MS Near shore trips. This has come as a welcome treat. A couple of days ago, the heat index actually 113 degrees!!! Taking advantage of the early morning cooler temperatures, we have been encouraging our customers to meet us very early.
We did make it out to Cat Island earlier in the week. Our good friend Katie Delaup came all the way in from Texas to do a little shark fishing. We had an absolute blast battling big black tip sharks around the island.
The drum fishing on the windy days was outstanding. Sure we all like catching trout, reds, and triple tail. Some days mother nature does not let you go where you want. Monday through Friday we had the same weather everyday. It would blow 15-20 almost all morning long. Around 11 the wind and seas would calm down and it would pick up again after 2pm. While the winds were howling, we beat up the reefs, bridges and shorelines. Many of the crews got treated to some great fishing very close to home. We tagged a pile of triple tails this week. We even caught 3 fish that were already tagged!
The winds finally left us alone over the weekend and into Monday. The boats that went over to the LA Marsh were able to get in on some great trout fishing. The flat calm seas for the last few days has allowed for some ample opportunities to look for triple tails. Saturday, Capt Alex and the Pepper crew went 6 for 8 on triple tails. Two of the fish they caught were the tagged ones.
Capt Kenny has been working been on some beautiful trout over some shells. When he bags the school the trout fillets with the big trout fillets, a dozen of the fatties fillets fill the same gallon Ziploc as 25 school trout do.
The amount of bait that is in the MS Sound is unbelievable. Acres of pogies, rain minnows and mullet have been out there. We have been pulling piles of bait fish out of the trout and triple tails. The schools of lady fish have been out in the deeper water. When the crews have been wanting to pick a fight with a big critter, we have been drifting big baits through them. The big jacks, bull reds and massive black tips and bull sharks in them will blow your mind.
Jus hope the pictures can tell this story much better than I did, we have not had much of a break the last few months.
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