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Cat Island Fish Slaughter, Huge Catches on Day Trips. Lotta Pics



Weather and the fishing just seems to be getting better and better. Our boats have been scattered all over the MS Sound, LA Marsh and even fit in a 2 night trip to the Cat Island House. No way we will be able to recap all of it, but gonna try to hit the high notes from the last couple trips.
Wed and Thur, Mother Nature made the boys use every trick in the book they had. Briley Thomason brought down 3 boat loads of die hards from north MS. Big Shore Thing shout out to our man Justin Jeffcoat for sending this crew our way. 20 knot winds and dirty water kept Captains Kenny, Alex and Matt in protected waters. They pounded banks an shorelines for two days and earned every fish. When the smoke cleared, they had plenty of trout, reds and flounder. Pretty much everything was live shrimp under the Boat Monkey Popping Corks. In less than perfect conditions, with a catch that good we are expecting a stellar fall bite.

I had a mandatory maintenance session. Once again, The Boathouse gang came to the rescue. My steering system was on its way out. It was grinding and make noises I am not even gonna attempt to describe. In record time, the boys at The Boathouse had a new helm station, hydraulic lines, and ram installed. Can not say enough about how much we appreciate the level of service, quality of work, timely manner and fair price we get every time from The Boathouse.
Right back to work the next day, with James Stone, his Dad and Mrs Aubrey. They made it clear from the get go that they wanted to hear drag screaming and big fish on the other end of the line. My go to bull red spots were blown, choppy and muddy. Lost count of how many moves we made, but late in our day we finally found the magic spot. Over a deeper shell bottom in 8-10 feet of water, we found some big schools of pogeys. One throw with the cast net, and we had a live well full of hand sized pogeys destined for a cruel death.  For the next 2 an a half hours, every bait we sent out got smashed by either a big bull red, a big black drum, or a shark. The Stone crew was in Hawg Heaven. All we used was the big spinning set ups(Okuma 80 RTX and Azores) with a large Carolina rig on #9 wire with a 10/0 circle hook.

Saturday had my favorite crew of all time on the boat, my family. We have been so busy, I have done a lousy job taking my girls out on the water the past few months. Weather messed up my daughters birthday weekend trip so I booked the following weekend as a back up. Totally her call what she wanted to do, and she opted to go "Treasure Hunting" and shark fishing at Cat Island. When we arrived at the North Tip, there were acres of lady fish. Lil Margot caught us several for bait. Three baits out, and three sharks on. My wife Stephanie did all the reeling, Margot became lead cheerleader. We were only a couple hundred from the beach, and the "treasures", so shark fishing got put to an end very quickly. Spent the rest of the morning walking the beaches and finding shells, driftwood, and other goodies. Really needed the recharge with my family, and I cursed myself the entire ride home for not doing more regularly. Still another day that will be remembered forever.
While we were out there, Capt Matt drifted by with the Stone crew on day 2 of there big fish adventure. They covered some ground in search of drag screaming variety. The Mighty Matt did not disappoint. They got to tangle with plenty of big sharks, huge black drum, and big bull reds. They not only fished Cat Island, they fished the reefs and shell bottoms along the beaches of Bay St Louis as well.
Sunday began a three day two night trip for myself, Capt Kenny and Capt Matt at the Cat Island House, with the Sonny MacArthur crew( 9 folks). While were making groceries and sprucing up the house, Capt Darren was out with the Doll Family down in the LA Marsh. The Doll crew has been on a tear this year. They have been on some of the best bites, with Capt D, Shore Thing has seen. True to form, they waylaid the fish, getting 84 speckled trout and 2 big reds.
The MacArthur crew was group of bankers from MS, LA, AL, and GA. They were blessed with some of the best weather we have ever had on a three day trip. That afternoon, all three boats did great on the big trout down in the LA Marsh. Almost all of the big trout came off of the live shrimps, under the Boat Monkey Popping Corks. Chef Frank "From da West bank, The Real Deal" McNeil brought his A-Game with the food the entire trip. Capt Kennny brought out an ice chest of jumbo shrimp that Chef Frank boiled and fried to perfection. We did go a little overboard on the desserts this trip, bringing cakes, truffles, and more cakes.
With the perfect weather, we got to fish where ever we wanted. Capt Kennys crew got the gold star the next morning on the trout. They landed close to 50 huge trout over some of the shell bottoms. The afternoon was just as fun. Capt Kenny and Matts crews went back to the Marsh to beat up on the red fish, they came back with 15. We played around the island messing around with the big sharks.
The last morning, we fished around the island for a couple of hours. Some of the biggest trout we saw the entire trip were caught that morning. My crew opted to fight with the big bull reds, spinner sharks and jacks.
While we were wrapping up out at the island, Capt Darren and Ray were taking out former Senator Bob Livingston and his buddies. They did well, and nabbed 80 specks, 3 reds and 20 whites.


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