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We were able to take advantage of the nice weather the last couple days. We have had some good friends back this week, and they were treated to some fantastic weather and fishing. Monday was the first day in the while were able to get a couple boats back in the LA Marsh. Between being at the Cat Island House, and the weather we have not been over to our old stomping grounds in a while. Capt Kenny and myself had two crews of our fish slaying regulars. Chris Walters, his Dad and his gal pal Effie were along for the ride with me. Capt Kenny had Shore Thing Gold Club Member Justin Jeffcoat, his Grandpa, Uncle and Cousins.
My boat pretty much stayed in the school trout all day. We did jump back into a few ponds, but even in the shallow water the trout were everywhere. Plenty of smaller throw backs, but we literally caught trout at every stop. I could not even guestimate how many we threw back, but we kept 50 for the ride home. The red fish did come visit a couple times through out the day. Mostly bull reds, but we had some fun with the big uns. At one of the stops, we had a small trout hooked up, splashing on the surface behind the Boat Monkey Popping Cork. In 2 an a half feet of water, the biggest bull red of the day inhaled the trout whole!. The big red spit the fish out 3 different times before the hook finally found him. All of this took place right under the trolling motor, it was intense!
Capt Kenny was whackin and stacking with Justin and his family. They had found a good stretch of shells and broken marsh, and started grabbing a few nice keeper trout. Capt Kenny said he was tossing a few of the smaller live shrimp out of his live well, over the side. The trout were coming out of the water to crush the doomed lil shrimps. They were putting a nice box of trout together when they saw a red fish coming out of a small drain in front of the boat. Once the first red hit, it was all over. All trout fishing was put on hold and the live shrimps were put into the drain. They said the reds kept coming out like they were on a conveyer belt. With the falling tide, the reds must have been having some kind of party up that drain. Kenny said they must have caught over 40 reds. They released all the rats and bulls, and kept 18 perfect sized slots. He said the boys had a ball, and could have cared less about the trout after that.  Justin and the boys did not mind about 40 something specks that made their way into the box full of reds either...
Tuesday, we had the good people on the boat from the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coasts Research Lab (GCRL).  Sam Clardy and Morgan Corey were in need some flounders to conduct research on. I was able to call in a favor and bring in a hired gun. My old buddy Jonathan Rush is one of the better flounder fisherman I know, so luckily he was able to join us. We spent the entire day working shore lines, drains, and flats. Glad the other 3 were on the boat, cause I was the least productive angler on the boat. Sam had the hot hand, he did well on the numbers. Johnathan had the big flatties dialed in. Morgan held her own, but I was only able to get two small flounders. The rest of the crew contributed the most to our 14 fish. We did shake some good ones right at the boat as well. Even caught a flounder with half of its white undersized brown, never seen that before. Sam did well with the Gulp tight lined, but the rest of us used Matrix Soft Plastics tight lined.
Wednesday Capt Kenny was the only boat to go across to the LA Marsh. Captain Matt and myself stayed in MS Waters. Kenny had the 2 person Golden crew. They did fantastic in the perfect weather. Simply put, just a great catch of fall school trout, and little bit of red fish in he mix. They returned with about 90 whites n specks and couple of reds.
Me n Capt Matt were playing in the MS Sound with our crews. He was fishing with the Thomas gang and I had the boys from WLOX Fish N Game Report. Host Al Jones and Camera Man Lee Field were in for a treat. We got some fantastic footage for next weeks show, getting ready for Fall Fishing. We hammered big trout, sheepshead, black drum and red fish very close to home. These two have been on some fantastic trips over the years, and this one was no exception. Lee had the hot hand on the trout, but Al held his own on the drum and sheepshead. I always enjoy running the camera, it is about the only time I get to put my college degree to use(broadcast journalism). We will post the link when the show airs. Capt Matt got in after us, but it sounded like he did about the same on just about everything but the red fish. He came in with several more slot reds than we did, as usual...
Thursday, the fog kept me and Capt Matts trips in MS Waters, it was thick! Capt Matt had a boat load of Coast Natives. Ladners and Heitzmans were even than thicker than fog on his boat. They made the best of the conditions and had a fantastic day near Bayou Caddy. They had a great box of trout, reds and puppy drum, and released all of their sheepshead. Matt said Coach Sylvan Ladner and the boys caught him up on all the important Bay St Louis News for the past 3 decades!
I was fishing under another flag Thursday. Capt Brian(a friendly competitor) has been helping us out all year. He needed off for a family obligation and I was honored to run a trip for him. He did the leg work, investing the time and money that generated this trip, so the pics and story belong to him and his company. Just happy to be able to go to work and help our buddy out.

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