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Some Great Stuff from the Marsh and Close to Home. Found another Nutria Rat too!!!!!!!


The Boys have been very busy in the woods and on the water this week. Captains Alex, Kenny, Darren, and Ray have been spending their off days in the woods. Happy to report, they are keeping you all very safe from any attacks from deers, ducks and hogs. It has been very fun, waiting to see what pics are gonna come in next. Fall is truly a magical time to be outdoors and we live in such bountiful area. South Mississippi is such an amazing place to experience it ALL.
A couple of the Shore Thing guides have been playing on the water this week. Just a matter of watching the weather, picking your days, and or playing the wind. On the "bumpy" days, or when the folks don't have time to stay all day, the near fishing has been outstanding. The Farve, Pumphreys, and Davenport crews with Captains Ray, Brian and Jimmy did horrible things to the fish this week. When they all rolled back to the dock, the fish boxes all had tails sticking out of them! Captains Jimmy and Ray were giggling like school girls at the cleaning table. I asked them if the fishing was that good. I was late getting back, and they told me they had been cleaning fish for a while, had plenty more to go, and released almost as many as they kept. The boys were talking about the wide open bite they had on the numerous sheepshead, redfish, drum and white trout. Capt Brian texted us the pics from his trip, and it appears they hammered the near shore critters as well. Short runs from the dock, every cast fishing, and all done in protected waters, what is not to giddy about?
Was able to make it out to the LA Marsh twice last week. One of the trips we came in early to stay ahead of the rain. Happy to report, we made it home safe, with a box of fish. For all you duck hunters, the birds have been flying everywhere out there. The water was super high on both of the trips over there, which made the redfishing a lil trickier, but we got em. When we had the Ernst crew, they had more fun fishing the mouths of the drains for speckled trout. Seemed like every deeper ditch or drain we passed while redfishing had trout on it. The redfish have been everywhere, but it is so much easier to get them in the shallower water. I can only imagine after this big northern blow, my wish for shallow water will most certainly be granted. The first of the 10 reds I cleaned for Blaise Ernst had yet another baby nutria rat in it! That makes two in a week.
The Graves crew was out with us on Saturday morning before the front came through. Glen, Peter and Charlie were up to hitting the LA Marsh for a couple hours. Due to the approaching weather, we did not go any where near where I have been fishing. I wanted a quick get a way if the front sped up. Worked out just fine, we had a big fish to find for Charlie. On the way out, the 9 year old had his Dad Peter show me a picture of his biggest red fish. It looked like a 12-15 pound fish. On the 2nd or third cast we got him a massive bull in the 20-25 pound range. Another cast and we had a double hook up. A few casts later and he had 2 more bulls and 2 massive sheepheads. Charlie then told us, we needed a bunch of smaller reds, so we could take some home to eat. One quick stop on some broken marsh with a shell bottom, and it was done. We landed on a little nest of perfect slot reds. They were hitting like trout and we got plenty for dinner. Had to check one more shallow ditch to try and get one sight fishing. Found 2 more slot reds, but they water was still high so we just got them blind casting. Capt Jimmy sent us a text about the weather, and we opted to head in a smidge early. They still had a box of reds n sheeps and we caught a little sprinkle, idling into the dock. I thought we had a third nutria in one of the big bulls we kept. Turned out to be foot long whole mullet!
Most of what we have been doing near shore and in the marsh has been on the live baits. A Boat Monkey Popping cork with 18 inches of 20-30lb leader, a small split shot lead, and a 1/0 khale hook, with live shrimp has been the go to rig. If we are working on the reds, that rig works Shortening the leader and putting a lead head with a Matrix soft plastic, tipped with dead shrimp works even better. Strike King Redfish Magic Spinner baits have done well also.
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