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Big hauls of TROUT and 4 Days at CAT ISLAND (check out the photos)!!!!



What an absolutely amazing couple of days! We had the biggest boxes of trout come in this week, and had a great time out at the Cat Island House. Earlier in the week, the boys were making a good show of it on the near shore fishing. The big black drum and big bull reds have shown up. The sea monster fishing should be good for the next several weeks.
Me and Capt Alex got to spend 4 fun filled days out at the Cat Island House with the Van Slyke crew. Back for their second time, these boys were treated to some fantastic fishing, food and fun. The first half of our adventure was pretty windy so we were fishing around the island. The Okuma spinning reels came in very handy in the heavy winds. I have been very pleased with my new Okuma Inspira, it is my new favorite toy. Had we been in Louisiana waters, we would have limited out on red fish in minutes. The amount of 16.5 to 17 inch redfish out there is mind boggling. Luckily we were helping the good folks at the Gulf Coast Research Lab collect fin samples. We have been trimming a small finger nail sized clipping of each red (rat, slot and or bull) anal fin. I know the week before we filled a box of 81 samples and we got close to filling a second box of 81 on our 4 days out at the island. In between our "Rat" Island research assistance, we were able to get some big trout, flounders and keeper reds.
When we did make it down to the LA Marsh, the fishing was incredible. It has been several days since we have been there. Don't get me wrong, the near shore fishing has been extremely fun. The big catches of drum, reds, and flounder have been awesome, but a hot bite down in the LA Marsh is hard to beat. Alex an I, ran into Captains Matt and Ray while we were over there. We all spent the morning pecking around looking for our bite. We were able to knock out a limit of red fish when the winds picked up, but the VHF came alive when the tide started moving. Capt Matt and Capt Rays crew were mauling trout in two different areas. The were fishing shallow shell bottoms, infested with trout. Capt Alex joined Capt Ray and went to cracking on the trout as well. Matt was fishing with his Platinum Elite Charter Member JC and they had made quick work of a 3 man limit of trout, and had a pile of reds.
It was late in the day, we had already missed our lunch appointment with Chef Frank "The Real Deal" McNeal back at the island. We were literally waiting for Alex and his to crew to meet us to ride in. While we idled through one shallow cut, we were drifting cocahoe minnows over a shallow shell bank looking for some big flounders. Not a flounder to speak of, but the big sow trout were lousy over those shells. The tide had the water moving, so were drifting the minnows one cast at a time under the Boat Monkey popping corks, but every cast got hit. Some of the trout were huge, and we boxed 40 big uns in no time. 
The wildlife at Cat Island was in full force. The swallows were nesting underneath the 2nd floor porch. The big Ospreys were everywhere, we had an alligator come by the house, and of course the raccoons came by for a visit. On top of that, the boiled shrimp and crabs, fried oysters, gumbo, fresh fish, shrimp fettuccini, and fresh desserts were out of this freaking world. Looking forward to a busy year out at the Cat island House.

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