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7 Days at The Cat Island House and Many Many Day Trips (Trout, Redfish, Triple Tail, Drum, Flounder)!!!!


The fish have been big, the bites have good, the days have been long and the sleep has been brief. We have had crews out at the cat island house pretty much non-stop. Being able to take advantage of the entire day has made for some spectacular fishing trips. Mother Nature has been out guide out there. If the weather is nice and the seas are calm, we run where ever we want. If the wind blows, there is almost always a place to hide around the Island. The weather beacon at Grand Pass was registering almost 30 mph on Sunday and we were still able to fish.
We swapped out crews on Tuesday, I got to go back to land. Capt Matt stayed out, Capt Kenny came out and then came the wrecking crew. David Clepper,  Shawn aka "Hero" along with their friends n family put on one of the most impressive fishing shows we have ever seen. They stayed for 4 days and literally caught HUNDREDS of speckled trout. They stopped fishing for trout half way through their trip and went to play with the reds, drum and flounder. I don't know if any of the crews we have had out there in the last 5 years have caught that many fish that quick. Well Done boys!!!
The next crew out was the Noland Crew. These boys were from Tennessee and Georgia. These fellas came to fish, and they worked their tails off. We covered some water, because they wanted to experience everything we could offer. We fished grass beds, marshes, diving birds, top water, fly rods, popping corks, live bait and artificial. We caught some huge trout with these guys. One afternoon, when we got some nice weather, my buddies Tim and James wanted to tangle with some really big fish. For the first time ever on a Cat Island trip we headed BACK to Bay St Louis. It was well worth the run, Tim and James got all they could stand. The big sea monster black drum and bull reds were thick. Their arms were shaking the whole ride back. We had a couple doubles on the big ones, and hooked several that never checked up, they just kept going. While were having fun with the big drums, Capt Kenny had his crew were crushing big trout on topwater baits. They were even able to get Mike on some trout and reds with his fly rod. It was really fun being to do so many different things with this crew. We did still catch a pile of fish, but did it at different pace.
The Guice boys with Guice Offshore have been with us for several days. Day two of their quest put Billy and his Paw-in-Law Geary on the trout hunt. Billy's Birthday was the day before, and he brought Mr David for his Birthday the very next day. Those two grinded out their limit, but worked on some fine trout for the last dozen or so. Capt Kenny had called us in on wide open bite. He found some finger mullet pinned against a shallow bank. The trout were punishing them, and just about every cast we put next to the scattering mullet, got a hit. While we were catching the last few, the Coast Guard came in to check us. They were pretty cool guys. They asked all of us for our Birth dates. They got a kick out of the fact that Billy and Mr David were celebrating their birthdays on a fishing trip. On the way home we saw 5 triple tails. Both guys were able to tag small ones.
The big trip the last few days was the Gulf Coast Business Credit 6 Boat Trip. Our favorite wild man Stu Wrba(yes he spells it that way) set the whole thing up. These guys n gals take these corporate trips to whole new level. They throw down some serious coin for their biggest and most fish prizes. When the trip was over, they even filled the entire top floor of The Blind Tiger Restaurant to eat some of their catch (THANKS TBT). Hands down one of the craziest and most fun crews we see all year.
Speaking of The Blind Tiger, we had a  boat fishing in the Pros and Joes Tournament they hosted over the weekend. Back again for their 2nd and third trips of the week, Billly Guice and David Geary were fishing with Capt Matt. The biggest trout they found was in the 4 pound range. They were not in the money, but had a blast fishing the event. We heard there were well over 150 boats fishing the tournament, Way to Go TBT!!!
The 18-20 trips we have had out the last couple days have been fishing high and low. Good news, the fishing has been good in close, at the reefs, in the Bay, around the island and down in the Louisiana Marsh. As long as we can get a halfway decent forecast, the fishing has been fan-freaking-tastic.  Kids are about to be out of school. Shore Thing Fishing Charters DOES NOT charge for anglers 12 years old and under. We may send them back to you smelly, but they will be smiling!!! Give us a shout if we can help. Thanks

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