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21 POUND Triple Tail off Cat Island, a “Schmidt Load” of trout and much much more!!!!

Lotta one gallon ziplock bags were used in the making of this report. We got a good 4 day stretch of weather and had 24 trips run, with great results. Once again, we had boats scattered from one end of the LA Marsh to the other. We had boats out at the Cat Island house for 3 days and we even had boats fishing nearshore in the Bay and on the reefs. Thanks to some light winds, calm seas and clean water, the trout, reds, triple tails, drum and sheepshead suffered dearly. 
Me, Capt Ray and Capt Joey spent Memorial Day with the Hoyt family. Since they had a house on Bay St Louis, we picked them up early right off their pier. Casey, Marnie and their 2 boys Reese and Dillion joined me. We opted to fish Cat Island and did very well on the big trout. Think Marnie got the biggest, but  the kiddos were wearing us out with all the fish coming over the side. Just been drifting grass beds with Boat Monkey popping corks about 2 feet of 30lb leader and a 1/0 Khale hook. If the tout get snapping good on the live bait, we switch to the Matrix plastics or a shrimp imitation like a Savage 3-D.
While we were out there, the other 2 boats were working on the trout, drum, Sheephead, and triple tails back near BSL. We had enough time to stop in close and let the kiddos tangle with the big drum and bull reds. Capt Joey and his crew came in kicking and screaming. Joey said every structure they passed in the MS Sound had 1-3 triple tails on it! All good things must come to an end....
While Capt Kenny, Chef Frank and myself were getting our crew out to the Cat Island  House, Capt Matt was doing it to it. He was fishing Judge Chris Scmidt and his son and now fellow St Stanislaus alumni Will( Class of 2016). Matt said they did not do much until the tide shifted, but when it did, the shrimp pushed through and it was game on. They got a "SCHMIDT LOAD" of trout casting to jumping shrimp. Just about every jumping shrimp they casted to had a big trout sitting under it. The only safe shrimp that day, were the ones in Matts live well. The trout were snapping on the plastics so none of his shrimp were used.
Me n Kenny picked right back up where they left off, the next morning with our Cat Island crew. Kenny's crew was a few minutes ahead of us, he called us over to the ruckus. As we were idling in, my guy Ryan was on the front of the boat. He said, "man the bait is jumping right under the boat"! I thought it was mullet or rain minnows, and grabbed a double plastic rig. When I turned to shut off the engine, one of the plastics touched the water just dangling off the rod tip. A trout nailed it and I realized there were hundreds of jumping shrimp around us. It was like cane pole fishing after that. In about 2 hours, our 2 boats put on a skull dragging and filled the boxes with  beautiful trout. Capt Matt rolled right in the mix with 2 man Selles crew duo. Matt got there after Kenny and I, but still finished their limit well before we did.
Left em snapping and went looking for triple tail and a second breakfast at the island house(It was 8:30am). My crew went 0 for 0, we didn't see any. Capt Kennys crew not only got one, but it is now the biggest one to be caught on a Shore Thing trip in 2 YEARS!!! The 26 inch 21 POUND monster was a welcome sight. This early in the year, to see a fish that big should be a good indicator of great things to come in the triple tail department.
It was a great 3 days at the island, we got some awesome weather too. Our crew caught some massive trout, a bunch of smaller school trout, got to hunt for sea shells, kayaked, hiked, and got to sample plenty of Chef Franks mouthwatering meals. We have gotten a great routine down with the island. Really though, it has been the crews we have been lucky to have out there, they have ALL been wonderful. The Cat Island House is booked pretty solid for the next several weeks, but we do have dates open later in the Summer and Fall. Definitely need to plan ahead if yall wanna get in on the "Cat Island Experience".
All the areas we have been fishing have been productive. The most consistent and fun one has to be the near shore trip in MS Waters. The variety, size, and close proximity to the fish has been outstanding. The big sea monster drum are always a favorite. The red fish seem to more plentiful this year, and the speckled trout fishing in close has been very good. On top of that, there is usually a mixed bag of flounder, sheepshead, and triple tail.
Been seeing plenty of boats out there. Everyone please be safe, be courteous and have fun. Thanks

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