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Top Water Trout and Flounder Fest at Cat Island!!! Big Drum, Triple Tails and Fun on Day Trips Too!!!!

The Cat Island House has become a second home for many of our guides this. I think if we stay out there much longer, Shore Thing Charters may have to put up a candidate for the Mayoral Election against incumbent Mayor Walter Gaudin? Rumors are spreading Chef Frank McNeil may run?
This years steady near shore, LA Marsh and Island fishing has kept our boats running non-freakin-stop. The past couple of days, Captains Alex, Kenny and myself were out at the island with the 11 person Stanley Crew. This group fished hard, heck they even came out there in their own boats. The first afternoon, they wanted to fish some stuff on their own. They dropped their luggage at the house and took off. We did not have too many chores, so we got things in order and decided to wet a line. This was the first time in 2 years, that three of our guides were on the same boat. The winds allowed us to drift some grass beds loaded with bait and slicks. ALL TOP WATER FISHING, Captains Alex n Kenny would not let me throw live baits(on my own boat). Glad they did, it was an incredible late afternoon bite. Alex was throwing a She Dog, Kenny was working a Skitter Walk, and I was trying my luck with a KVD Sexy Dawg. The later it got, the better fish got. We went from a blow up every few minutes, to almost every single cast. Alex got the most fish, they would not leave that bait alone. I don't know how those two out fished me as well as the did, they spent the entire picking on me. The trout were massive, and the top water blow ups were very intense. We got in late with the other boats but everyone was thrilled with the incredible exciting evening fishing.
Chef Frank, as usual hit a grand slam home run with the boiled jumbo shrimp. They were out of this world. Several of the Stanley Crew had brought out their own floundering gear. The conditions were right, with the incoming tide and they did very well on their late night fishin mission. We thought they were just going to goof off, but they put up a good showing on the flatties. The boys only worked a small stretch of shore line and stuck 16 pretty flounders!!! They said most of the flounders were inches off of the beach.
The winds prevented us from making long runs the next day, so all we did was drift grass beds with live baits under the Boat Monkey Corks. We had some good steady action that first morning. They had plenty of big fish mixed in with lots of schoolies. We talked up the topwater action enough so that they spent the late afternoon fishing big topwater baits. It got calm and very still. We put our 3 boats with in a hundred yards of one another. You could hear the strikes and yells from the boats when each blow up happened. One of the cooler outings we have ever had out there. The next morning we fished top water and live baits over the grass beds one last time. The fishing was good, but the lady fish had found us. They were eating everything we threw out. We went looking for triple tails, but none of the boats saw any. Kennys crew made one last stop and found a nest of huge trout to finish the trip strong.
Sounded like our boats working the Forrest Friday 3 boat day trip had dialed in the triple tails. Capt Brian said he must have seen 30 of them. Most were on the smaller side, but he did box some big ones for his 3rd of the Friday Crew. They also wanted some big fish, so he spent the morning crushing the big black drum in close. Capt Matt made the run to the LA Marsh with Captains Ray to work on the speckled trout. They said the shrimp were popping and the birds were working pretty good. Capt Matt put a big box of fish together, and Rays crew opted out early to go grab a few triple tails before calling it a day.

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