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98 PHOTOS IN REPORT!!! 9 DAYS at Cat Island, INSANE WADE FISHING Topwater Action, BiG fish on the Day Trips, and One long story


From all of us at Shore Thing Fishing Charters, we would like to wish all the Dads out there a very safe and Happy Fathers Day!!!
Finally, after 4 years of so so weather and sub par fishing, we were able to put together the trip of a lifetime for Mac Delaup and the Texas Cast-A-Way crew! Mac, along with his family n friends have been fishing with Shore Thing, since before there was a Shore Thing. They used to fish Capt Mike when he was running Chandelier boats way back in the day. He has since developed a wade fishing product line (Walk n Wade, Fish n Hunt) and is now the owner of Cast-a-Away rod company.
This crew predominately wade fishes, no matter the conditions. They are absolutely lethal with top water baits, and masters of their craft. We have had some good trips, slow trips and just about everything in between over the past several years. Well... This was to be there start to finish, out of this universe, redonkulously good trip. 
We were able to fish every single morning and afternoon for our 4 day 3 night trip. All were fantastic outings, but some were crazy good. One afternoon, on one of the bites of the trip, our buddy Kyle Jon Johnson with Operculum Media even came out to take pictures. Kyle got some incredible shots, and everyone hit it off great over some fried fish, shrimp and oysters that night.
I usually had 4 wade fishermen and one rider on my boat. We would drop off our waders and make our drift within the same general area. Some mornings, it was soo still and calm, you could hear the Super Spooks and skitter walks "ticking" and then hear the big trout smashing them. The drift fishing was stellar as well. I usually had one person with me. Capt Kenny had the "Clown Crew" Tiny, Lee and Glenn. It was all we could do with the live bait under the BOAT MONKEY popping corks to keep up with the Wade fishermen though. Some outings the drifters won, but most, the waders crushed us. The lack of winds allowed us to work all over the island. There was really no "magic spot" we did well everywhere we fished. The main thing was to watch for mullet, slicks and diving birds.  Using this technique, we came home with over 240 trout and a couple of reds n flounders.
While Kenny and I were out with the Cast-A-Way crew. Our other guides back in Bayou Caddy were putting up some serious numbers of trout, reds, triple tails and white trout. Just glad our Guys took pictures, because their is no possible way keep up with 19 trips in 4 days. Cannot thank the guys back on the mainland enough for helping with everything. Heard Capt Ray has been having a rather lucky boat in the triple tail department. Ray does not like wasting time, and if the trout bite is slow, or Off, you can bet he is going looking for them.
Capt Darren and Capt Alex have been just steady and busy. Those two have been working on trout now over some shell bottoms. They use the live baits to locate the fish and then switch over to the plastics, either tight lined or under a Boat Monkey Popping Cork.
Well, got to go home for a couple hours after 4 days with the Wade fishermen. Enough time to swap out a trolling motor. THANK YOU , to My two saviors, Randy Deschamp( Shamps Trolling Motors) and Dylan Leblanc (The Boathouse). Randy had my back up trolling motor fixed and ready for pick up, and Dyaln helped install it, on a Sunday afternoon I might add!!! A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and the Shore Thing chain stays strong with good hard working folks like that. THANK YOU Shamps Trolling Motors and The Boathouse for all you do for us.
Kissed my wife n daughter goodbye, and headed back to Cat Island with Capt Matt, Chef Frank, and Assistant Chef Dylan Moore. Joining us on this 5 day trip, was a blast from the past. Me n CApt Matts ole buddies from North West Arkansas aka NWA set this trip over a year ago! Back in the early 90's, we used to teach skiing and sailing with these lunatics at Camp Stanislaus in Bay St Louis. David, Emory, Chris, Buck, John and Hunter would be with us for 5 DAYS out at the island. They got the full "Cat Island Experience". We fished morning, noon and night with these guys. We hiked the beaches on the windy days  or took the kayaks out to explore the bayous. They were blown away by the wildlife and scenery. Most of our fishing was drifting live bait or casting soft plastics over grass beds. We got some huge trout and a couple of really big flounders. We had to run from storms some days, but we usually ate during the rain delays. Chef Frank went all out on this one. Boiled crabs, shrimp, steaks, burgers, gumbo, fettuccine, and food coma breakfasts. My wife even sent out homemade cakes, cookies and fudge.
We tried to do everything we could with this crew. Most had never done this type of fishing, so everything was new. We did a lot of the trout fishing, but mixed it up some days. We drifted through lady fish with big chunk baits for massive sharks and jack crevalles. All week we just assumed we would run into some bull reds, and it never happened. On the last hour of the last day, we finally and literally ran into a huge school of bull reds on a big sandbar. Both boats hooked up every rod in the boats. The water was bright orange around the boats with the schooling reds. Could not have had a better finish to our trip.
It has been non stop the last couple of weeks. Besides the heat, and a couple of rain showers, the fishing has been very consistent. We will try to keep the reports updated, but with the boats fishing everyday, sleep has become a very precious commodity. If we can help get y'all on a trip, just call, text or email and we will take care of it when we get off the water. Thanks

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