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Whole lotta great photos from the last few days. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!


Hope everyone had a very safe and happy July 4th holiday, I know we did. Several of our guides were able to make time and fish with their families the past couple of days. I was able to sneak my lil girl Margot out for a couple of hours with her buddy Henrietta our a couple of hours before Princess Camp. Even had my cousin Chip and his wife Jennifer out for their annual anniversary trip. Never get tired of "catching up" with family.
Our 7 boats have been running far and wide with not much of break . The speckled trout fishing has been decent, but when they are not hitting hard, we just go play with something else. The triple tails have been a very good plan B to beat the heat. We have been tagging a pile of the smaller fish. We even caught 2 tagged fish this past week! Capt Darren had his wife and daughter on the boat one afternoon and caught some absolute whoppers. The sharks have made their presence known, and they have been very well received. In the last couple of days we had crews from either way out of town, or here for several days. Many people we take out have never seen a shark, let alone caught one. We aim to please, so we have been bringing the big poles and having an absolute blast with the big black tips and bull sharks.
That's the beauty of summer, you never know what each day is gonna bring. Some days we are fishing in close on the reefs, bridges and nearshore marshes. There, we have been having some great trips on our 4 hour near shore charters, fishing for trout, reds drum, triple tails and flounder. Other days we have been running around Cat Island and drifting the shore lines for big trout. Now that the big sharks are right off the island, throwing big chunks of lady fish has yielded some monsters.
When the weather is right, the trips to the LA Marsh have been keeping us very busy. The school speckled trout and white trout are what we have been doing the most damage on. The red fish have been around, but the summer time hoarse fly bite often cuts our red fishing time short.... One of the best ways to spend the midday time has been the quest for triple tails. There is no better way to beat the heat than with a 300 hoarse power A/C unit, cruising around hunting for triple tails. I don't think anyone has brought in a fish over 20 pounds, but we are all gunning for it. In the mean time, no one really complains with the 5-10 pounders.
In regards to tackle, we have been punishing the Okuma spinning reels. The new Inspira spinning reel has been the work hoarse on my boat. Very smooth and very powerful little reel. Spooling the reels with 20lb Power Pro braided line. Been basically living off of the Boat Monkey Popping corks. Loud as all get out, extra heavy weights for long casts into the wind, and hand made in Hattiesburg, MS USA. We have been using a bunch of live bait, but with the school trout around, the Matrix Soft Plastics have been working well. For a good shrimp pattern, nothing is more life like than the one made by Savage(3-D Shrimp). Go to topwater baits have been the Rapala Skitter walk, Mirrorlure Top Dog and Heddon Zara Spook.
We wanted to remind yall about August fishing. Shore Thing has always had the motto, "More tackle box, Less X-Box". Two things happen every single August, and we are sure it will happen again this year. Schools always start back and people rush to get one last trip in before summer break ends. We always enjoy fishing with the kiddos, and hate having to turn business away. Between the Cat Island House and our regulars who already know the drill, August is already gonna be busy. Just give us a shout if we can set something up for yall before school starts, but please don't wait till the last minute. Thanks
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