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Gotta see it to believe it!!! (60 PHOTOS) Trout, Sharks, Triple Tail, Bull Reds, GAR and more!!!!


No rest for the weary this week, but it has been well worth the lack of sleep. The trout fishing has picked backed up, and the bull reds have showed up big time. We got several days of slick calm waters and the triple tails have been feeling our wrath. The crews looking to pick a fight with the real big critters have been tangling with  the big reds, jacks and monster sharks. Needless to say, the summer fishing has been nothing short of incredible!
With boats running every single day, the details will be hard to recap on all the trips, but that is why we take a bunch of pictures. Earlier this past week, the switch just seemed to flip back to freakin awesome on the trout. If you could get over, under or around the acres of lady fish, the trout fishing in the LA Marsh was as good as you could ever want. Coincidentally, we had several crews in this week in for multiple days. I had Mr Don and his two grandkids Conner and Clien. We did everything in our two days, and I mean everything. We were able to get limits of trout, monster sharks, trophy triple tails, huge bull reds and many other critters. By the end of our of our two days, we had the teenage grandkids spotting triple tails, and slinging double header trout on the tandem rigs over the side. Those two boys about worked yours truly into the ground, very tough well mannered young men.
During our two day fish massacre, we ran into Capt Kenny out in the marsh. Gotta thank him for calling us in on the bull reds. He was drifting around a boiling school of reds and catching those big bulls on the trout tackle. Both boats broke off twice as many as they caught, but it was such a good bite no one seemed to care. Hats off to my man Connner for getting a 26 inch pig of a triple tail. This triple tail did everything in the book to break us off. Conner if took a swim during the fight, but never dropped the rod and was back in the boat in 2.1 milliseconds.
Got to fish with the Guice boys twice this week as well. They spent one of their days just looking for triple tails. The storms chased us in to safe harbor, but not before we went 6 for 7 on big triple tails. One of the fatties was one of the bigger ones we have ever caught. The second day we fished, after putting a whacking on the trout, reds, and triple tails the weather caught us right as we got back into Bayou Caddy. Not sure if the storms had the trout kicked up that day, but all the boats came in with huge catches that day. The Ernst crew with Capt Matt had an impressive limit of trout. Capt Alex had Dr Tim Bruni, his son Jeff and their fellow soccer all-star Owen Betz. It was cool to see those young boys having the time of their lives before they head off to college for even more fun...
With the storms coming in everyday, the near shore fishin in MS Waters has been a great play. Capt Ray has been working several of these trips. The unbelievable amount of bait along the shore lines, reefs and bridges has brought in plenty of flounders, trout, reds, and big triple tails. If the crews leave early on these trips, they can get their fish and be out of the heat, and beat the afternoon storms with ease.
Would be a great week of fishing without an appearance from the one an only John Hurst crew. Capt Darren cant seem to miss with these boys on the boat. We got to fish next to their two boat band of misfits. In between trout flying over the side of both boats the constant exchange of insults and ribbing was something out of a raunchy comedy. We had to stop fishing a few times, just listen to these guys dishing it out to each other. Don't know how they had that many fish when it was over, or even how they didn't kill each other, but having the crews enjoying themselves that much is what we strive for.
One of the highlights of the summer was having fellow dads on the boatfrom my daughters class at Coast Episcopal Elementary. Got to take out Zak Fanberg for his birthday party trip. He brought some mutual buddies of mine as well, Sanders Kane, Kippy Chamberlin and new guy Clark. These world class sailors were all smiles all day long. We did the most damage on the red fish. Before the party ended thought we added a good mess of trout, jack crevalle and one big surprise visitor. During our trout bite, Sanders somehow hooked a massive alligator gar. Since no one had ever seen one up close we managed to get the beast in the boat for a photo then release. Since I didn't have time to get Zak a gift, I figured a big fat triple tail on the way home would suffice. Gotta thank my buddy, Zak's wife, Mrs Sarah Taylor Fanberg for setting this amazing Birthday trip up.
The very next day, I got to bring out some amazing young ladies and their dads. Joe Kuehner, his daughter Tallulah along with Ross Nobile and his daughter Charlotte joined me and my daughter Margot. Three 6 year old girls where a challenge to keep entertained, but me and the dads kept the little ladies on the water for almost 5 hours before they asked to be brought in.
Capt Alex and Capt Matt have been out at the Cat Island House with a big group on a 2 night 3 day trip. No word from them yet, but I can only imagine the fun those boys are having...
Just another reminder, schools will be starting back in a few weeks. Most of our regulars have snatched up the good stuff. If yall wanna get the kiddos out one last time before they head back, give us a shout. Thanks

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