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21 Bull Red SALUTE!!! Plus Triple Tails, Trout, Sharks, Jacks and FLOUNDERS!!!!


The summer squalls the past few days interesting, but we have had some amazing catches on our trips!!!
Had our old buddy Don Burkett back after a long sabbatical. Don was on "The Day" with the Intermarine Group several years back. The multi-boat trip came back to the dock with almost 80 FLOUNDERS!. When Don and I were setting the details about his trip, he kept joking about catching flounders. I told him that July is not primo flounder fishing, but we would try. Well... I guess I will take luck over being good any day. While we were working shorelines for trout and reds we caught 11 nice flounders!  We did box several nice reds and some trout to boot. Don really wanted a triple tail more than anything. On the way home, on our quick 4hr trip we stumbled onto a hoss triple tail. This guy can't miss, he hits a homerun everytime!
Chris Walters and his Dad Carl were down for Chris's annual Birthday Fish Bash. They were also after triple tails, but got to the dock early and we went looking for other fish to pick on. While we were fishing our way through the LA Marsh, we passed a large bay we had fished last year with his lady friend Effie. That trip with her we absolutely punished the bull reds, we must have caught over 30 that day. Well... back to being more lucky than good, the birds were going nuts against a shore line. When we got closer the water was churned white and orange. The bulls had a school of mullet pinned up against a shore line and where beating the tar out of them. Some of those poor were jumping and getting launched up into the grass. We had our Boat Monkey Popping Corks tied on, and sent them to their doom. Those darn corks work too good. The bulls were inhaling the soft plastics under them, but then they would crush the corks! For several casts, I did not even tie on a hook, I just launched the Boat Monkey Cork near the churning water. Big reds would break off and were smoking the cork, I even got to fight a few till they spit them out. Chris and his Dad were getting all they wanted on the light tackle. Capt Kenny with Phil, Bob and their buddies joined the madness. They eased right into the Bay and immediately got a quadruple hook up!
Capt Alex was just down the shoreline and we just assumed he was on another school of reds. Technically he and Mr Ezell were, but the reds were of a different dimension. They landed on a nest of perfect sized slot reds. They sat in the same pocket, very content, and just worked on the slot reds. Alex said they hooked close to 20, kept 5 and went looking for triple tails. Mr Ezell was fishing with Alex for 3 days, so they had to pace themselves. They did everything they possibly could have done in those three days and caught a slew of fish. I am sure Mr Ezell did not have any trouble sleeping after that last day, they put in some long hours out there those two.
Had a local celebrity on the boat this week. The one an only, RodnReel Mike Lane himself was on the boat for a fun filled day in the Marsh. He brought Mrs Renee along, and she was able to get her first jack and bull red. Mike was shooting a show for his very well known website, we will post the video when he gets done editing the cool stuff we did. They were really on board for some triple tails, and the conditions were nice. We had calm seas, plenty of sunshine, a light current and clean water. We got several big ones for the box and Magic Mike even got to tag one. Had a great time reminiscing with Mike about the "old days" in Venice, LA and all of our mutual buddies. Very cool dude, the good fishing was just a bonus that day.
Most of the boats have been working the near shore trips this time of year. Capt Kenny and the Harrahs Casino crew were doing awesome later in the week on a near shore trip. I did nt realize until later into the mid morning that I was the only one of our boats in the Marsh that day. I had Gina and Dean on a "Big Fish" trip. We got our bull reds before the sun came up, working the shallow bays and following the birds and looking for the white water explosions. Once again the Boat Monkey corks paid dearly for being an over achieving float. We were able to cast net some big live mullet and we put them to work. Gina was able to catch her first jack crevalle and bull shark. While we were riding from stop to stop we kept seeing and catching triple tails. Think we kept 3 or 4 nice ones.
Later that afternoon/evening I got to speak at the University of Southern Mississippi's "Catch More Fish With Science" redfish seminar. Gotta tell you, I was totally and utterly exhausted, but it was a great seminar. I got to meet some very cool fishermen, and saw several old pals. The science part of the seminar was done by Mrs Jill Hendon, and she is a brilliant marine scientist. Anita Arguelles and Sam Clardy were there as well. The venue, people, speakers and FOOD was out of sight good. Thanks for including Shore Thing Charters GCRL and USM!!!
And then there was Friday...
Our man Mike Wooten with Overhead Doors from Hattiesburg, MS has been bringing down big groups for years now. Two things always seem to happen when Mike is down here. Everyone has a lot of laughs, and the weather is usually terrible. We woke up to rain and lightning, but it broke with the sunrise. We hurried 21 folks onto 5 boats and screamed across to the LA Marsh. Sounded like everyone was gunning for big fish, so we went to look for our bull reds. Our boat ran into them first, and while we had FOUR fish on, we called Captains Ray, Kenny, Brian and Joey in on the melee. The other boats went straight to it, and I am pretty sure at one point we possibly had 21 red fish hooked up at one time!!! The Okuma spinning reels have been working overtime this week. That new Inspira they are making is my hands down favorite. Very smooth but strong drag system for such a compact and light reel. We have been giving the bigger V-80 and RTX-80 a work out as well. We use those for the big critters, and they are absolute work trucks. Wish I had those things back in my offshore days...(Back to the fishing Report)
The skies got black and we could see the rain and lightning coming. ALL five boats went north together, to avoid getting pinned in by the storms. A few of us cut it close, due to frequent stops to pick up triple tail. Capt Kenny was the last one in, he got three. Our boat went 1 for 2 on bigguns.
Getting to be a regular occurrence, but need to thank Ronald, Sid, Steve, Dylan and Griffen at THE BOATHOUSE in Lakeshore, MS for yet again saving my tail. My engine was "acting funny" at high RPM's. They were able to trouble shoot the problem quick, fast and in a hurry. The problem wound up being a high pressure filter the size of my pinky. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they were able to change fuel lines, plugs, and clean the intakes. We put an absurd amount of hours on our boats, and its just all part of it. It is just nice having these people putting in long hours to help us get back on the water day after day. Thank You Team BOATHOUSE!!!

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