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Triple Tails, Red Fish and a hop up on the ole Soap Box!!!




Bad month to be a triple tail... Good gosh almighty has it been it fun out there! I am convinced that Capt Alex has channeled some sort of Chuck Norris strength through that big ole beard of his. Alex put over 30 triple tails in the box in 5 DAYS!!! That is not even counting the ones they tagged and let go! The nice breaks in the weather have made all the difference and we have been taking advantage of every single moment. The red fish have been keeping us busy when the trout are not playing nice. We are still grabbing trout when we can, but the undersized schoolies have taken over. Some days were are lucky to keep 1 out of  20. That type of fishing in this heat is just no bueno. 
Capt Matt has been doing a number on the slot reds. All 7 of our guides fish differently, but we all kinda have the same motto of, "if one fish ain't bitting, go look for another that will". This heat has kept a very short window for our trout bite, but the red fish seem to handle it a little better. The Mighty Capt Matt has had several days this past week with big boxes of keeper slot reds. If they have been this good, in this heat, the fall fishing should be crazy good.
When Alex left town I had to get out there with my daughter Margot. The trip was actually for her best friend, Mrs Laura Grace Ritten, who helps watch her. Happy to report that Laura Grace got her first ever triple tail. Margot nabbed one too, and the seas got a little choppy after that. This trip was a big deal for me. This was the roughest and furthest from shore we had ever been. It was not unsafe rough, we only previously went when it was flat calm. It was just rougher than she had ever been in. She just plopped down on her bean bag and went sound asleep. On the drive to put the boat away at The Boathouse, I let her know how proud of her I was. I asked her if she got scared at all in the choppy seas? When she said, "No" I asked why she was not scared in the big seas? Without skipping a beat, she declared "I was born that way"! Couldn't get the grin off of my face for the rest of the day...
A few days later, I was taken down a few pegs by a very awkward incident. While we were returning from the marsh, we spotted a nice triple tail on a crab trap in open water. I could see what I assumed was the Wildlife and Fisheries at the ship channel way off in the distance. While we were attempting to catch the fish, the boat made a beeline to us, and our lone crab trap. I could see it was a big twin engine center console, heck the radar was even spinning.  It was glass calm, and they were close enough that we could actually hear the young man on the bow, hollering to the older fellow driving the boat. The younger one hollered what I sounded a lot like, "YOU GONNA MARK THAT ONE HE IS ON"!!! I could see the driver pushing buttons on his machine. A boat that nice would certainly have a GPS/Radar overlay and pinpointing that exact spot even at good clip was a cinch. Getting on my soap box now... I could care less that another boat marked a crab trap I was fishing. I didn't put it there, even if I did, it would still be fair game. The fact that the boat seemingly came over a mile away to mark what we were on was a little disheartening. The real reason I am bringing out the soap box here is that it would seem blatantly obvious that this tactic was used before, so that the younger fellow just assumed it was the way things are done. I just hate think that this younger angler is going to grow up thinking this practice is the norm. Lead by example... getting down from soap box.
We will have a busy month ahead of us. We are just loading the boats down with water, ice, live bait and fuel. The alarm clocks are set very early and we are keeping an eye on our weather. Playing it safe and having an absolute blast!!!


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