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Re-Donkulous Cat Island TRIPLE TAIL BONANZA!!! Awesome week of fishing(Tons of pics and long report)!!!!!!



Good Gosh All Mighty, the boys out at Cat Island literally had a "Once in a lifetime" Trip!!! We will get to all that below, along with some awesome trips this weeks. First we gotta thank the people that keep us working non stop.
What little "free time" we had, we took advantage of it to do some maintenance and repairs. Randy Deshamp with Shamps Trolling Motors bailed me out yet again. He was able to rebuild one of my spare trolling motors and have it ready in record time. Took the busted one up to have him work his magic and put the new and improved one on. Thank You Shamps Trolling Motors, Randy is truly a miracle worker.
With little to no break from fishing, we have been doing a great job at breaking stuff. The Boathouse gang(Sid, Dylan, Ronald, Steve, Griffin) have been going above and beyond the call of duty with repairs. They are helping us out daily to keep us working. They finally quit asking how we broke it, and just get us back rolling... In the last couple days, they have bailed us out with trolling motor issues, battery problems, broken switches, dinged up props with record speed. We don't have sub par equipment, the boats just don't get many days off  this time of year. Fishing this much, we just beat the every living heck out of our boats, and "stuff happens"... They all break, its just having good hard working people like these guys that allow to do what we love day in and day out.
Capt Kenny had Dr Bill Ford and his wife. They got treated to a nice trout bite first thing in the morning. They boxed a little over 40 keeper trout, it was about a 50/50 mix of specks and whites. All were done on the soft plastics on the tight line and or under the Boat Monkey popping corks.  The whole reason Dr Bill was here, was to get a triple tail. Kenny said when the day was over, they logged close to 100 MILES! He was able to find them right at the end of the journey. Kenny said they got 4 big ones to inhale the live shrimp, in one small little area. They also tagged one small one and enjoyed a flat calm ride home.
Capt Kenny also had Team Jamie out and put a hurting on the trout with them. They also had 50/50 mix of specks and whites but they had 50 of each(100 specks/whites). This crew also got in on the end of the season triple tails. They nabbed 2 good ones on the ride home.
The Mighty Capt Matt had 2 days with Baxter, John and Ben. They were able to get into a bunch of Capt Matts "honey holes" and got treated to some awesome fishing. In their 2 days of LA Marsh hopping, they were able to get 65 speckled trout, almost 100 white trout, and 11 slot reds!!!
The near shore fishing in MS waters has been fantastic as well. Capt Matt ran Allen Pace and the boys out for a quick trip mid week. In MS waters, Capt Matt doesn't take any crap from the fish, cuts loose on them. Right in the front yard, Allen and boys enjoyed a mixed bag of fun in very little time. They brought home a dozen puppy drum, half a dozen big trout, 3 sheephead, and 2 slot reds. Home in time for a very very early lunch.
Speaking of great fishing on the nearshore trips. Capt Darren had the Steven Tartt trio. One of the gentlemen on that trip was 90 YEARS OLD!!! Capt D did not skip a beat, and put everyone right to work on the trout. He said it was one of the better MS waters trout bites he had been on in a long time. Most of the action was with live shrimp under the Boat Monkey popping corks. The treacherous trio put 36 fat speckled trout in the box, minutes from the dock! They also garnished the fish pile with some puppy drum and doormat flounder. Good day to be on Capt Darrens boat!
Capt Alex has been putting some hours on his Yamaha. He did some sea floor sampling work for Dupont mid week. He was out there playing in the mud while Capt Matt was scooping up that mixed bag of fish. Alex got his fishing in time by way of trips with Davis, Morgan and Westbrook crews. Two of his days were down south in the LA Marsh and one was in close on a near shore trip. Alex always seems to keep things moving steady. The Westbrook couples trip was a nice batch of specks for the happy couples. He was able to find some triple tails this week also. He was also nice enough to call us in on some keeper trout over a flat in about 3 feet of water while we were both on a nearshore trip this week. Thanks man!
Capt Ray has been on a two day pleasure cruise with the Kellog Crew. They have been working on the school trout down south in the LA Marsh. Each day they have been making time to beat up some shorelines for reds. Despite murky water,  Capt "Slay Ray" has been making it happen.
I got to spend the first part of my week over in New Orleans at an advisory panel meeting for the Gulf of Mexico Marine Fishery Council (Red Snapper charter-for-hire). It was way more exciting than it sounds, and nice that the Gulf Council held the meeting in New Orleans. Normally the meetings are in Tampa, and although fun, take some us away from home/fishing longer than we would like. Representatives from all 5 Gulf States were in attendance. No, we did not solve the Gulf of Mexico's Red Snapper dilemma, but we did get several recommendations for the Councils upcoming meeting( Oct 17-21 in Biloxi, MS). When I got back to "God's Country it was back to business. Had 5 Star Elite customer Jim Marlowe with JEM Mechanical and his pal Dan on the boat for a quick trip to the LA Marsh. Jimmy fishes till 25 trout or 10AM, which ever comes first. Our first 5 stops were a bust, with low rough water, but stop number 6 was the charm. We got a little carried way, but when the clock struck 10AM, we had 28 sparkle trout. True to form, both Jimmy and Dan had fish on the line. They unhooked them, but away their soft plastics and said "home please". They both had work to do and plenty of trout for supper.
Was able to run a 4hour nearshore trip with Nick and Carson Pouncy from Brandon, MS. It was a Birthday trip for Carson, hitting the big FIFTEEN. Put the Okuma spinning reels to work and fished live shrimp all day, under the Boat Monkey popping corks. They worked their tails off, and got another nearshore mixed bag of puppy drum, sheepshead, speckled trout and white trout. Happy Birthday Carson!!!
Capt Ray and I were out Sunday. He ran south to the LA Marsh with Mrs Kayla and her crew. I was in close again with Shawn, his wife Tina and their two well behaved boys, Jackson and Jayden. We just reefed hopped all day, and got to play with everything. The boys got to reel in some big trout, black drum, sheepshead, and one rather nice bull red. Capt Ray got in late, but they had decent mess of speckled trout for the effort.
And Last but dear lord, not least... The absolutely insane 3 day trip out to The Cat Island House. Captains Kenny and Matt definitely brought their A-game for the Preston Cobbins and his crew. University of Southern Mississippi Super Star and NFL San Diego Charger Dequincy Scott was there!! The one and only Clyde Brown made the trip to the island. Even heard our old buddy Hoyt Williams joined this crew of lucky lads. The weather turned out to be picture perfect and the fish paid dearly for it. The first afternoon after the crew got the house, Capt Kennys boat put on one of the most impressive triple tail hauls in Shore Thing company history. They were on their way to look for trout, but kept running into monstrous triple tails. Never leave to fish to find fish right? The boys knocked out a one day limit of HUGE triple tails, and never missed a fish!!! Kenny said they had TWO 27 inch fish right at 23 POUNDS!!! He said the smallest fish they caught was 10 POUNDS!!! They had an EIGHTEEN pounder, a 14 POUNDER and a couple 13 POUNDERS!!! To somehow top off the best triple tail bite we have seen in years, 2 of the fish they caught were already tagged!!!
Chef Frank wasn't able to make this trip, so we were able to get our friend Derek "Deke" Necaise to help with the food. Deke, his wife Amy and their son Dalton are some of the better triple fishermen/women around. So when Kenny was texting pics of 3 man limit of big fat black fish, they almost had a mutiny on their hands. Deke toughed it out, and did an amazing job on the food.
Capt Matt did his fair share of damage on the out of this world triple tail bite as well. They also knocked the snot out of the trout too!!! By the end of this All-Star Cat Island Trip of a Lifetime, the Dream Team had 15 TRIPLETAILS, 16 REDFISH, 190 TROUT(MIXED), and 2 FLOUNDERS!!!! Well Freakin Done Gentlemen!!!!!!


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