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Cruising the Coast, Fly Fishing the Coast and Catching along the Coast!!!

Fun last couple of days of fishing. The MS Gulf Coast has been covered up in thousands of classic cars for Cruising the Coast. Earlier last week, we had some cruisers in town from Texas. Jason and Kim were here to do 2 things. They wanted to ride around in their classic trucks, and catch some red fish on a fly rod. They were able to plenty of both! We almost had perfect conditions down in the LA Marsh, but the winds were our biggest hurdle to get over. We had clear blue skies most of the day, low water but a good breeze made things a little tricky. The best scenario that worked for us was fishing in narrow ditches that blocked the wind. Jason had never been fly fishing in salt water, so this was a big trip for him. He had bought a new 8-weight set up, and tied his own flies for our adventure. Kim hung out and threw live minnows. She did well on the slot reds and landed a huge alligator gar.
Jason was pretty darn good on the fly. He was picking off reds left on right on his hand tied flies. If he missed his shot, Kim was usually there with the minnow to grab them. We were able to catch them both their first ever reds, Jasons First ever red on fly, and Jasons biggest fish EVER!!! They kept a couple of the reds to bring to the Blind Tiger Restaurant for a nice fresh fish dinner with their family. Thanks TBT!!!
Had the "Tax Man" on the boat last week. My good friend David Bassett and his wife Becky were able to sneak out for a couple hours of near shore fishing. We stayed in MS waters for a quick and easy morning run. Fishing in Bay is awesome in the east wind, so that is just what we did. The trout bite was about as good as you could ever want, and they enjoyed the heck out it. All we threw was the Boat Monkey popping corks, 18 inches of leader, and live shrimp on the small khale hooks. As fast as I could get a shrimp on the hooks, they were getting bit. They were also doing lunch at the Blind Tiger Restaurant with their fresh catch. Before we left the bite, we had a little marsh hen swim right up to the boat. The little fella was exhausted, so we scooped him up in the net and let him ride back to the world famous Bay Marina with us. The little guy seemed pretty happy for the ride back in.
The winds were rather harsh all weekend, so we have just been hiding in close. The nearshore trips in MS Waters  have been nice and comfortable, not to mention pretty fun. With all the bait(pogies, white shrimp, mullet) in close right now, the fishing has been great. They have had birds working in close, crushing big jumping shrimp. If you can get through the ka-jillion rat reds on the shore lines, the slot reds are there. We have also started seeing some really nice flounders in close too.
Snuck out with the Otto Strong experience over the weekend. Gramps and Grandson were wanting to have a little fun in close. All the way from Arkansas, these boys have never been here when the seas are calm, but they never give up. We beat up the Bay, and did amazing on the speckled trout. The bait was getting crushed along the shorelines, and we just let the explosions and diving birds guide us. For several hours it was an every cast bite. We missed our fair share, but got around 20 good trout. If the bites got slow, we just worked the shorelines. Using the same Boat Monkey popping corks, and live shrimp, we caught keeper reds, flounder, black drum and flounder.
Fall is here and it is looking like we are in for a good one. Weekends are kinda of busy for the next few weeks, but most weekdays, we usually  one of our boats open. Fishing should be outstanding for the next several weeks. Give us a holler if we can set something up for yall. Thanks.


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