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Trout by the HUNDREDS, Red Fish a Plenty, Fantastic Cat Island Trip and MORE!!!



From the Bay to the LA Marsh, to Cat Island and all points in between, the fishing has been about as fun as you could ever imagine!!! Sorry for the delay in the reports, but we have not had much of a break. The pictures will fill in the gaps but gonna try my best to hit on the high notes. Here we go...
Earlier in the week we were not gonna fight the wind, we were gonna hide from it. We had several of our trips fishing in close, behind protected shore lines. Depending on the direction of the wind, the boats were spread out from one end of Harrison County to St. Tammany Parrish. It was nice to be in calme waters having our crews fishing comfortably and safe. Did we mention the fishing was grrrrreat!!!
We had Mrs Robbie and Mrs Angela in town for two days. Capt Kenny fished em the first day, and I got em on day two. Worked out perfectly, because we fished different areas and used different tactics, to ge them a variety of action and fish. Kenny had them knocking the snot out of drums and reds on his adventure. He must have done a number on them, cause the gals overslept for day 2 with me. The winds were still honking, so we opted to fish for trout in the Bay. They called and said they were gonna a few minutes late. While I was waiting I wanted to wet a line, so I drifted out from the bank. Like a light switch flipped, jumbo shrimp started jumping everywhere. I got treated to an every cast bite, with some huge fish. The ladies arrived, I eased back over on the trolling motor, picked them up and went right back to it, never cranking the engine. They were blown away that they were literally fishing feet from the dock, and hammering the trout. We got all we could outta the trout and went bouncing around the Bay. We found mostly more trout, but right at the end of the day, the gals got to tangle with more drum and redfish. Kenny did all his damage with live shrimp on the bottom over shells. I got the ladies fishing live shrimp, under the Boat Monkey popping corks.
Capt Kenny had his Platinum Plus regulars Phil and Bob were out again on a near shore trip in MS Waters. It was breezy, but these boys did not let that put a damper on their good time. Kenny pulled out all the stops and put on a clinic. He found some protected waters near some drains with moving water, full of bait fish. They kept the live shrimp flying and brought in an absolute pile of red fish, flounder, and big keeper trout. The MS nearshore fishing has been fantastic this fall thus far. It has certainly saved the day for us more than once, on days it has been way to rough to cross the MS sound to the LA Marsh.
For two days, Captains Matt, Alex and Kenny drained the LA Marsh of fish with the Carter Murrell Crew. This band of merry men hit some awesome weather, and some ridiculously good trout and red fishing. They had 2 anglers per boat, and on the first day, the crews came in with 150 speckled trout and plenty of white trout to boot! Day two was almost as good, but they spent more time working on the red fish. The majority of their two day fishing clinic was put on with Matrix soft plastics, either tight lined, or under the Boat Monkey poppin corks.
Capt Ray and I were treated to an all out trout massacre for the David Moore bachelor party. This shindig was set up by our neighbor at Shiyou Caddy, Dr Dan Daniel DVS. We had 8 guys, between the 2 boats and we needed all hands on deck. First stop of the morning, we found some diving gulls and jumping shrimp in about of 3 feet of water in a shallow bay in the LA Marsh. We put on the double rigs early in the battle, to win the war. With Capt Rays crew working side by side, we were slinging trout over the rail like madmen. There were fish everywhere in the boat, but the boys just kept going. Ray and I were unhooking, measuring and icing fish about as fast as a human being could move. It was worth it, we were both pretty much done with our trout before most folks are eating breakfast, it was that good!!! We spent the rest of the day pounding banks for redfish, but actually caught more trout doing that. When the smoke cleared, we had over 180 speckled trout, and over 40 nice big white trout!!!
The rest of week was not as epic at that day, but it was just a great bite on the trout and reds. The boats would scatter in the morning, and which ever one of our guides found the fish or the tactic that was working, they would call it in to the other crews. Some days it was drifting shallow bays and chasing birds, other days the trout were holding over the oyster reefs, and some days it was the ditches and drains that were holding better.
Did have an amazing day with the May family. Capt Ray fished the Mom n Dad and I fished their son Casey and their family friend Buster. When we moved the drink box on my boat to the stern, Caseys wheelchair had plenty of room. Casey was a good sport and wanted to fish in the LA Marsh. We happily obliged and made our way across bright n early. We spent most of our day grabbing speckled trout and white trout. Casey would simply let me know how I needed to position the boat so he could fish comfortably. We made a pretty good team, he and I.  We would get the boat set correctly, and go right to work. The highlight of the year came when we found a small cove loaded with shrimp and pogies. The real mission of the day was to get Casey on his first red fish. It took several well placed casts, but we finally nailed his first and soon after his second ever red fish!!! He was stoked, and soon after began asking about sheepshead. I told him we do much better on those in the colder months. The very next stop, our man Buster boated one of the bigger ones we have seen in a very long while. We were able to put together one heck of a catch for this crew of first timer saltwater anglers, and made some great new friends in the process.
Friday through Sunday, myself along with Captains Kenny, Alex and Chef Frank were out at the Cat Island House with Brad, Bradley, Justin, Wayne, Ed, Jason, Walt, John,  and Bubba. Many of these guys had never fished in salt water. What a way to start it off!!! We tried to show them as many things as we could in the three days we had together. Chef Frank did his best to put us all in food coma. I swear his seafood gumbo is laced with Tylenol PM, because after that lunch everyone is knocked out! As far as the fishing, we all had different catches  each day, but when the bite got slow, we would call each other in on what ever was biting. We all did well the first evening. My boat came in with a pile of reds. Captains Kenny and Alex did way better on the trout. Capt Alex whacked the specks trout the first morning, while Captain Kenny held his own with his crew. They did very well on the red fish later, drifting live shrimp over shell points when the tide got moving. We had an absolute all out white trout slaughter, and got plenty enough to eat that night. If the winds kicked up, we just fished around the island, on what ever side was calmer. It was awesome, some spots had flounder, others had trout, some were full of redfish, even the big Jacks were still around. The pile of fish we ended our trip with was out of this world. It took several hours to clean, but everyone got to watch SEC football games and eat fresh trout, and fried shrimp while we sliced and diced. We must have done something right? They have already booked their next trip for 2017!!!
Got some pics from Capt Brian, helping us out with a MS near shore trip with the Pepper Family. From the looks of things, it appears he had a score to settle with the drum. He filled the box with a pile of delicious puppy drum, and let them wear themselves out on the big sea monsters. Thanks for the help Capt Brian, great job to you and the Pepper Crew!
While we were out at Cat Island, Capt Matt had one heck of a day. He was fishing with one of our favorite dudes, Mr George Crow. George and his buddy had about as good a day as you could ever want. The Mighty Matt put them on LA limit of Purdy trout and limit of Purdy reds (50 specks and 10 reds). George has been on some stellar trips over the years, but this one has got to be one of his better showings.
I know I missed several of the trips, especially the ones that rolled while were at the island. All I can tell you is that things have been really really good. Everything is going well in regards to the fall school trout, slot reds and drum. We see no reason why this should not be one of the better fall bites we have seen in a while. Things are pretty busy for the next several weeks, especially on the weekends. Our beloved regulars know the drill, and have snatched up the majority of the primo dates. Give us a shout if yall wanna fish.  If we got it open, you can have it. Any and all notice is appreciated. Thank You.

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