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Used a BABY DUCK to catch a RED FISH!!!!!

Yes, we finally caught a red fish on a BABY DUCK!!! We have been waiting weeks for the right weather, conditions and crew to get a red fish to hit one of these little ducks. Its been tough to get people to fish with a fake baby duck, when reds are hitting shrimp, minnows and soft plastics so easily.  I have had a few fish roll on them a couple of times in the past 2 months, but they would never commit. The only thing I have caught on duck thus far, was a very curious garden snake(catch n release). We have caught several on a fake mouse, but this duck is much more challenging.
The "Suicide Duck" is made by Savage Gear, it is about the coolest thing you have ever seen. The ducks feet actually spin like propellers on the retrieve, making it some what of a top water buzz bait. The bait won "Best New Hard Bait" at ICAST 2016. Mike Bennett with Okuma/Savage Gear was nice enough to send me a couple, when they first came out.  I put the duck on one of my Okuma Inspira 40 spinning reels. The bigger 40 class spinner has a faster retrieve, and sprays way more water when his feet get to flappin. If you wanna see the duck in action, check out this video from the designer https://m.youtube./watch?v=EtOGeiTas8I . It was originally designed to catch big muskie, pike and trophy bass.
Enter Mike Marshall from Jackson, MS. My man Mike is always looking for a new crazy adventure. He has fished with Shore Thing Charters the last two Halloweens, and was nice enough to wear his Halloween costume both years! Well, Mike wanted to get his first red fish on the fly. We were able to get him over to the LA Marsh on a gorgeous day in between the cold fronts. The cloud cover for most of the day made for some tricky sight casting. We did get about half an hour of sunshine and that was all we needed. Once we could see several more yards away from the bank, it was a piece of cake for Mike. We had a pack of about 10 slot reds swim right in front of the boat. Mike put his white and chartreuse Lefty's Deceiver  directly in the path of the school of fish. We got to watch the lead fish inhale the fly! Mike took a few pictures with his red, and then put his fly rod away. After that fish was scratched off the bucket list, he wanted some fish to eat. We put some live minnows, tight lined on the jig heads and put a hurtin on the slot reds.
We had put several in the box and the reds were steadily smashing bait along the banks. We were watching one fish crushing bait along one shore line, and decided to put the duck after it. The red was feeding like mad, and we had to spin the boat around to cross a small pond, to get to it. After about the 3rd of 4th explosion, we were in casting distance of the fish. The little ducky landed just a few inches off the bank. One or two kicks from his little feet, and it was too much the red fish. The red literally inhaled the duck and we were FINALLY able to say we caught a red fish on a DUCK!!!


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