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Reds, sheeps, trout, drum and a whole lotta fun the past few days!!!!






Had some great days on the water this week. We took full advantage of any break in the weather we got. Captains Matt, Kenny, Alex and myself were able to get our crews on good bites near and far. Even made my first trip to the Louisiana Marsh in almost 2 months!!!
Our good buddies from The Pileum Corporation were back, and the weather was picture perfect on Friday. We had boats scattered all over MS Waters, and they did very well on their near shore adventures. The Pileum boys have been on some "out of this world" trips with us over the years. I had David, Dave, Austin and "other Sonny" along with me. "Other Sonny" was nice enough to call me "Real Sonny" all day long. The water was stained and murky at our first stop, from the stout winds on the days leading up to our trip. I didn't know if we could find any clean water, the tide was high and rising, so we made a stop for some reds. Thankfully, the Pileum luck carried over for one more trip. We landed in a nest of perfect 16 1/2 to 22 inch slot reds. For a while it was a red every other cast, then it was just about every cast. By the time we got to our 25 fish limit, they were knocking out doubles, and almost a triple! We were throwing live and dead shrimp a foot and a half under the Boat Monkey popping corks. We tied 40lb leaders with a small split shot 6 inches above a 1/0 khale hook. The pocket we were fishing in had shells on the bottom, and a small drain in the back of it. Didn't see a whole lotta bait, but every once in a while you could see small mullet flickering. The rest of the day was lagniappe. We drifted live baits over reefs for what ever was home. We caught speckled trout, black drum, sheepshead, ground mullet, and the first Pompano of the year for our boats!!!
The near shore fishing in MS waters has still been our most consistent bite with fish and weather. Most days we can utilize our Sport Trail trailers and move our boats to which ever boat launch puts us out of the rough seas, and closer to the fish. Capt Kenny and Capt Matt got boat slips and a cleaning table at the front of the Pass Christian Harbor last year.  The "Shore Thing Dock East", has been a big help. Bayou Caddy will always be "World Headquarters" for Shore Thing Charters, but it is always nice to have options. Being able to play the wind, save our crews a little drive time from the east, and have a nice cleaning station has been a very nice addition.
In the past week or so, things only seem to get better with the near shore bite. The gigantic black drum aka "sea monsters" have rolled in. The spring big drum run, is one of our most favorite times of year. It almost always lands around Spring/Easter break. These are some of the biggest fish we encounter all year long. Some of these fish can even push the 50 POUND mark! Being able to fight these underwater bulldozers is a treat for anyone, kids especially. Having a youngsters catch a fish bigger than them is a memory that will surely last a lifetime. If you are in town for the Easter break, and want an easy day on the water, jump on one of the 4 hour near shore trips. Plenty of action, take home eater fish, big fish, and good ole fashioned slimy fish fun.
We have been seeing a few more trout on the near shore trips. With the new 15 inch minimum rule for speckled trout in MS Waters, all the fish we are keeping have been very solid. No huge numbers, but when mixed in with the other fish we are catching, a nice box of eaters. We have been releasing a good number or 13 to 14 inch specks. Hopefully these fish will be taking full advantage of their freedom, and go make some babies.
Over the weekend I had some old friends, and one new one on the boat. Tut Kinney, his daughter Kat, and his Grandson "Action" Jackson were along for a great near shore trip. I grew up with Kat and her older brother, so it was nice to see my old buddy. Her boy Jackson has better casting and fish fighting form than guys 4 times his age(good parenting). We had a little chop to deal with, but fishing in close, we were able to hide. Only made two stops, and only fished live shrimp on the bottom. The tide was rolling, so we had to use 1oz bell sinkers on dropper loops. Normally I prefer Carolina rigs, but when a heavier weight is needed, the Carolina rigs just don't seem to sit right. Anyway, our first reef we fished only had throw back trout, stingrays and one mutant sheepshead. We were making a move when Capt Kenny called us in from another reef. He was cracking on the fish with the Marie crew. They had quantity and quality coming over the side. Even early in the morning they had already seen speckled trout, red fish, puppy drum, sheepshead, ground mullet and big sea monster drum. That theme would carry through the entire trip for them.
We never saw the variety Kenny's crew had, but we did find some nice fish. Tut, Kat and Jackson put on a nice clinic with the speckled trout. Honestly, I think Jackson would have traded all 25 of those trout for one sea monster black drum. He did get a consolation prize, in the form of a 29 inch red fish! We thought for sure the red was gonna shut down our trout bite, but they kept on snapping till we ran out of live bait. It wasn't really that we didn't bring enough, it was just that the throwbacks ate us out of house, home and live well...
Capt Matt and Alex's trips earlier in week also found some nice trout, but they were both very heavy on those big sheepshead. The sheeps should be pushing out very soon, making way for more puppy drum, trout, reds, and eventually triple tails. Fishing has been awesome the last few weeks, and just seems to keep getting better. Give us a shout if we can help get yall on the water. Thanks

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