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Yowzah!!! Over 50 PHOTOS to help with this weeks fishing report!!!!(trout,redfish,drum,sheepshead and more)







Man o Man, what an awesome week on the water!!! We had boats out everyday, from Cat Island, to Bayou Caddy to the Louisiana Marsh. Even had a crew out on Easter Sunday and some windy warriors this Sunday morning. We got to see some of our old friends, and made severyal new ones. Pretty sure we can say, this past week was the best speckled trout fishing we have seen so far this year. Even with nice hauls of trout coming in, the slot red fishing was out of this world good. Just between Capt Matts and my boat, we must have brought in close to 80 REDS in 4 DAYS!!!
We had our good friends from Interior/Exterior Building Supply back again this week. They had  9 guys, in 3 boats, for 2  days, for their 5th year in a row! This is a very competitive group of fellas. They throw around some serious money for the boat with the biggest and most fish. My boat won on the first day for the most, we had 57 trout and reds. Capt Darrens crew got us on the big fish, with a nice bull red, and narrowly missed the most fish. My guys had a ball catching our reds on Day 1, so we dedicated most of our second day to redfish(smart play). We could hear Captains D and JRay on the radio, working on the trout. We were falling way behind on the numbers, so we went after the big fish. We found a few reds, working the mouth of a shallow pond, but they were smaller slot fish. We opted to drift a pretty bank. It had breaks, flooded grass and shells. It was one of the better April redfish bites I have seen in a while. We were hooking up with doubles, just like on a good trout bite. Some of the fish were smaller bulls, and one of the fatter ones sealed the victory for us. Most fi$h went to Capt Jray, he only beat Capt D's boat by a couple of trout. ALL of our reds came off, the majority of our trout came off the same rig. We relied heavily on the Boat Monkey Popping corks, 18 inches of 40lb leader, a small split shot, and 1/0 khale hook. On the business end of it all, was a doomed live shrimp. The water we were fishing was very dirty, and the live shrimp absolutely saved the day for us, both days.
One artificial bait that did do well on our trout, was the Savage Gear 3-D Shrimp. I tied on 4 of them Thursday, and all but one of them made it to Sunday. The only one that did not make it fell victim to a 10lb gafftop, and I bent the hook(the plastic was still good). Very very impressed with how tough these shrimp like baits are. Worth every penny.
The near shore fishing has still been good and steady too. We were able to save the day a couple of times this past week, when the winds kicked up. The near shore reefs, rocks and bridges have still been full of drum, sheepshead, red fish, and speckled trout. Still sticking to the live shrimp on the dropper loop rigs. One of the cooler near shore trips ran this week, had Shore Thing royalty on the boat. Capt Kenny took out Shore Thing founder(2003), Capt Mike Thompson and his two sons Mitchell and Charlie. Happy to report that Mikey still has "IT". Capt Mike and his two sons put on a clinic with the trout, they had to throw back a pile of 13-14 inch fish, but kept a good mess of 15 and betters. Always a treat to have the Thompson boys back on the boats.
Capt Jeremy was able to help us out this week. He had two crews that wanted to fish around Cat Island. He said the water was clean, and the grass beds were looking good. He spent one early morning slinging big topwater baits with a Texas crew. He said they had plenty of action, and missed an absolute hawg leg, right at the boat. We are very much looking forward to getting out to the house at the end of the month. Things are looking good for a very fun spring out at Cat Island.
Very well aware that we missed plenty of the details from the trips this past week. We had 29 trips leave the dock, and simply don't have the time to recap all of it. Just happy to know that all of the trips returned tired and smiling.  Gonna have to let the pictures tell the rest of the story... 
Give us a shout if  yall wanna wet  line. Thanks 


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