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Wild week at Cat Island, In The Marsh and all points in between. Trout, Reds, Jacks, flounders, along with some mutant STINGRAY AND BLENNYS????







July has been busy, some of our guides have been on Cat Island, more than the main land this month. The bite has gotten much more consistent since TS Cindy, and we have been running full throttle. The big numbers of speckled and white trout have been what most of the crews have been working on. Some days, all the damage has been done under the Boat Monkey popping corks. Other days, the crews have worked on the double rigs for maximum devastation. Color has not so much mattered on the soft plastic. Kinda one of those situation where, "it aint what you throwing, but where you throwing it". When the shrimp are jumping and the birds are diving, just get anything near the commotion, and you are gonna get bit.
Some of the guides have been dialed in some bigger trout. A lot of those bites have come off of the live baits(shrimp or minnows) on the Carolina rigs. The bites seemed to be better on the big swings of the tide over the shell bottoms. The cool thing about fishing with the live baits, is the variety of other critters that always seem to show up. Some of our folks have been treated to door mat flounders, ginourmous bull reds, and drag melting jack crevalles.
One neat thing we got to see this past week, was out at the island house. Josh and Max from Texas A&M Galveston were trapping Blenny minnows. These two young go-getters spent 3 days diving, trapping and netting these amazing little critters. They had seen some pictures of these fish we caught earlier in the year. We were able to arrange a field trip for them to Cat Island, and they found a gold mine of them! Our people fishing out there really enjoyed watching the young marine biologists doing their research. Pretty cool stuff, we never knew that many Blennys were out there.
Several of our crews outta of the island house have wanted to pick a fight with BIG FISH. Happy to oblige, we have been bringing the breaking out the big guns. I have been using my big OKUMA Azores and V-series spinners for big fish. Half the fun of fishing for big critters is catching the bait. We have been throwing the cast nets for mullet, saving our small white trout, or loading the box with lady fish. Its messy work, but the pay off can be HUGE. Just this past week, we did battle with some hefty bull and black sharks. Bull reds and Jack Crevalle showed up to big fish party as well. The biggest fish to make the drag sing were the mutant sting rays. We have caught some big fish over the years, but these monster rays were scary big. One of the bigger ones we hooked last week took almost an HOUR to get to the boat for his picture and release.
Since the heat has been a major factor, we have been trying to get our crews out as early as possible. The crews staying out at the island have been spending their middays playing on the beach, or eating themselves into a coma. Once the sun start to sink to the west, we have been fishing later into the evenings to keep our people as comfortable as possible. If the weather is an issue, we try to wait it out as long as we can. Some days we just have to cancel or reschedule. The fishing has been awesome, we just like to play it safe. Happy to get yall out on the water, but any notice is appreciated. Things are very busy this time of year. Please let us know if we can help. Thanks

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