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46 INCH BULL RED, Big red SNAPPER, TRIPLE TAIL, HUGE SHARKS, TROUT and 3 days at Cat Island (PHOTOS)!!!!


Don't know how the last couple days got away from us, but man has it been a wild ride. The Shore Thing fleet has been running all over the gulf, and having fun every step of the "wave"... sorry had to do that.
Fairly certain we are gonna miss the majority of the details, but just gonna try and do a greatest hits album from the last couple days. Here goes nuthin...
Capt Kenny and Capt Matt spent the last few days out the Cat Island house. They had a crew that wanted to see and do everything. What little bit they fished, they found some whopper trout. Capt Kenny said he and Capt Matt had the fished pinned down on one spot so good that he and Matt were fishing close enough that he could bait peoples hooks on the other boat!!! From the looks of the pictures, it looks like they had a blast out at the island house.
I guess Capt Alex has been away from his offshore roots a little too long. Ole boy had to take advantage of one of the calmer days and make a run for it. They wanted to go and chase the snappers, and do a little deep water fly fishing. They were able to get their snappers, but had a time fly fishing for the bonito and Spanish mackerel. I would imagine no one had to rocked to sleep that evening...
Capt Darren has been at non-stop, but he had enough sense to book a trip for his family before his kids went back off to college. There are few things more deadly than a pack of Ladners on a bay boat in summer time!!! Capt D was able to put his wife and kiddos on some kind of memorable day. They boxed some massive trout early(live croakers), and went to pick a fight with the bull reds. His wife July boated a mutant 46 INCH BULL RED. Fairly certain that is probably one of the biggest bull reds in STFC company history!!! Hats off to Capt D and those "Lethal Ladners"!!!
Capt Ray and Capt Jimmy have been putting in some long days. They have been knocking the snot out of the trout, reds, drum and sheepsheads on the near shore reefs. Not really like their crews have been twiddling their thumbs down south in the LA Marsh either. Its just nice to see those smiling faces and that variety of fish on those near shore trips "in the front yard".
I have been on somewhat of a reunion week, this past week. I got to see my old buddy Brad Wiggins (SSC class of 1993) and his family. I got to fish with my favorite CPA David Bassett and his band of little reascals (Rex, Morgan and Gavin). My old buddy from the first ever Cat Island trip circa 2011 Jack Groener and his kids showed up. And what would the last week before school starts be without a visit from the boys from Guice Offshore (Nathan, Deacon and Carter).
My week was spent everyday getting kids on fish, and the bigger the better.  We did some scary stuff with the big bull sharks and black tip sharks. We got to catch some nice keeper triple tails. The mutant black drum showed up several times during our adventures. Even got on an every cast big trout bite with 3 young anglers, YOWZAH!!! Great seeing my good friends and hats off to the adults for making it all about the kids. They let the kids request what we should fish for, and we did everything we could to make it happen. Takes some kind of Dad to stop trout fishing to go grab a big shark, or sea monster black drum. It also keeps kids hooked on fishing when they catch a fish bigger than they are!!!
Give us a shout if yall wanna get out there and make some memories. Some of those memories fry up really well too!!! Thanks
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