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LIVE TRIPLE TAILS!!! Crazy good trip to Cat Island, and much more!!!





We have not posted in a while, but I can assure you we have been very busy. For the better part of the last two weeks, we have been working with the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Lab(GCRL). They were in need of triple tails for their aquaculture facility. We searched for many days and many many miles for triple tails. I am pretty sure we have seen every single wave in the gulf. It has been a slow year for us on the triple tails. We have seen a few, but nothing like we have been seeing in the past several years.
Luckily we got some very nice weather. Never ones to back down from a challenge, we went for it. Joining Captains Matt, Kenny and myself were Bradley and Eric from the GCRL. These young fellas picked up triple tail fishing very quickly. Bradley was actually on Auburns College Bassmaster Team. I don't know if  we have ever had two guys pick up triple tail fishing so fast. After the first day, these guys were triple tail slayers. Some days we saw several fish, and other days, we may have only seen 1 or 2. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Happy to report, that the fish we caught are doing very well at the lab. It was pretty funny some days when we got back to the dock. There were usually people around the dock watching us unload these big live triple tails into the gigantic fish hauler from Sport Trail Trailers.  We have had to work very hard to get these critters, but it has been a very fun challenge.
It was nice being out on the water with the lab folks, but it was tough listening to the VHF Radio. We could hear our other boats working on the speckled trout and white trout. Captains Darren, Alex and Ray were having a ball down south. On the calmer days, our radios could pick them up way off in the distance. It sounded like they were drifting oyster reefs, with Boat Monkey corks. They would usually put live shrimp on first, to find the trout. When the fish got snapping, they would switch over to the plastics, and go to working on them. If they had a good run on the trout in the morning, they would make a few stops on the way to look for red fish and or triple tails. Capt Alex grabbed a huge triple tail on one of his days last week, on the way in.
We had an awesome 3 boat bachelor party trip last week also. The Wayne Golf crew were treated to some fantastic weather. We had all of our boats tied up, so me and Capt Ray had to call in a favor and get Capt Clay to help us. He did a wonderful job, and his crew was definitely the "party crew". Capt Ray did the best on the neat haul but all the crews did great. it was a very fun day of fishing.
I had a trip cancel last minute last weekend, and had two special gals that wanted to fish real bad. My wife Stephanie and daughter Margot got up very early to meet me at Bayou Caddy for a quick near shore trip. We bounced around the reefs for a couple hours. The fishing was very fast, and the girls did fantastic. We only kept enough for a meal, and tagged all the red fish. We released a pile of white trout, speckled trout, mangrove snappers, and red fish. It was a real treat to have my 8 year old daughter baiting her own hook, casting her spinning rod, hooking fish, and slinging them in the boat. Always a great time to have the gals on the boat.
Captain Kenny, myself, Chef Chris Walters and Mayor Walter Gaudin did have an awesome 3 day trip out at the Cat Island House. Mrs Wendy McDonald aka "Wonder Woman" put together one heck of a crew for us. It was her husband Henry, her son Ryan, son-in-law Arron, and their good buddies Mrs Lorrie and Steve. This crew fished hard, and luckily the fish were hungry. Between my boat and Kennys boat, we caught plenty of white trout, some nice specks, a couple sharks, along with some slot reds and flounder. The big day on my boat was on our way to lunch on the second day. We had found a pile of trout under some diving birds. Once the sun was high and sky, and the temps were pushing 90+, we opted to run in for lunch. Our run back to the island house took a very long time. The reason for the for the long run time, was we kept running into big ole fat triple tails. We saw 3 and got all three. Mr Henry, Mrs Wendy and Mrs Lorrie all got a big one to go over the pile of trout we had in the fish box.
The three days flew by way too quick, but it was a great trip. The weather was very nice, the food was awesome, and the fishing was great. Mr Wendy and the crew has already made plans to return in Spring of 2018, and we are very much looking forward to seeing them out there again.
Finally got to get my ole buddies Abe and Oren Doxey out for a quick near shore trip over the weekend. It was a little rough and windy, but these two young dudes can fish. I have been fishing with these young fellas for years, and man are they good. Even in the wind and chop, they were picking off fish left and right. Young Oren was catching red fish, faster than I could tag them. Their Uncle Matt Thompson brought them, and all he wanted was a big ole flounder. Abe filled that order at our third stop of the morning. It was one of the bigger ones I have seen this year. It was great to wet a line with my lil buddies.
Sorry for the delay in the pics and reports, but we will try and do a better job of keeping up with them. If anyone needs anything, or wants to wet a line, give us a call. Thanks


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