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CAT ISLAND “Home of the 27 mph Redfish”!!! Also ran 13 trips in 8 HOURS!!!!


We were able to fish everyday, right up to till Saturday this past week. Between the Cat Island trips, the big Casino group trips, and Hurricane preparation, we have not had a break at all. All of our guides and their families are safe and sound. We spent all of last night, and today getting the boats, equipment, and our families taken care of. This a picture perfect reason why we are so loyal to Sport Trail Trailers. Knowing that we had to move all the boats to safety, not one of guides even thought twice about taking our boats many many miles away. Running from a Hurricane is not a time to have doubts about your boat trailer. We thank our man Kevin Desselle( Owner of Sport Trail Trailers) all the time. Even during a Hurricane, our Sport Trail trailers are keeping us working, by getting our boats to safety. THANKS SPORT TRAIL!!!
All there is left now to do, is wait out the storm. We figured, why not crank out a fishing report and post some pictures. Here we go, Enjoy!!!...

We spent the better part of the week out at Cat Island. Captains Matt, Kenny and myself had our work cut out for us on this last trip. Thankfully we had Chris Walters and "The Mayor" Walter Gaudin helping to make a very memorable trip for the big group from Weyerhaeuser. Mother nature did not play nice on this trip. From start to finish I don't think the winds blew less than 20 mph. At one point, the buoy at Petit Bois read almost 30mph!!! Capt Matt had offered the group a chance to reschedule, but they were up for the challenge. These boys came to play, but they were really there to fish. It was about getting the boats set up correctly. Once we were able to place the boats fishing with the wind, it was really kind of fun. The winds would keep the Boat Monkey Corks pinned against the grass. Distance was not a problem, fishing with the wind.
For 3 days, NO ONE gave up on the fishing. Even in near gale force winds, everyone on all 3 boats kept at it. They were all fighting to win the absolutely beautiful trophy for the biggest fish. The trophy was an awesome piece of wood carved to look like a redfish.
The first afternoon, the biggest fish was caught on my boat. Mr Randall caught a big fat 26 and 1/2 redfish that stayed on the leader board the entire trip. With the howling winds, we were extremely limited in where we could fish. The one good thing about a stout South East winds, was the flood tides(kind of). There really wasn't a bayou, lagoon, or ditch around Cat Island that we couldn't get into. The high water was kind of our best friend and worst enemy though. The fish and bait were so far back in the flooded grass, you really had to get into the grass to catch fish.
We caught more red fish than anything. The rat reds just about ate us out of house and home, but at least they kept our attention. We did catch a decent number of speckled trout. Many of those fish disappeared from the fish box, but reappeared on the dinner table. A picture perfect "Grease Release".
We did see a couple of other critters on our windy outings. I think all of the boats were able to get some stud doormat flounders. We saw a couple white trout in the deeper canals, and even a few sheepshead. The first fish caught on my boat on day one was probably the biggest Lizard Fish I have ever seen!!!
The Hollywood Casino had our own, Captains Kenny, Alex, Ray, Jimmy along with yours truly booked for a massive two day event. We even had to call in a favor to the dynamic duo, Captains Brian and Joey for a little help. Due to the approaching storm, we were only able to fish Friday. We did however pull doubles and take out 7 boats in the morning and 6 boats in the afternoon. We had an absolute blast with the crews they sent out with us. The majority of the people they sent out with us, had never fished before! Getting people to catch their first, and or biggest fish, is very rewarding for us. Not one boat left Bay, and everyone caught fish. It was mostly red fish and black drum, but everyone just so darn happy to enjoy the day on the water. We did see some big trout, flounder, sheepshead, and other stuff. To add to the fun, the cooks at the Hollywood were nice enough to prepare all of the fish we caught for a massive feast later that evening! The majority of the morning and evening trips were fishing live and dead shrimp. The bigger fish off of the Bay bridge, and some of the trout, reds, and flounder came off the grass in the back. We used the Boat Monkey floats against the grass for those.
Looking like we may get a day or two off?... I recon the boys will be enjoying a little bit of family time and some much needed "shut eye". We will be back at it, as soon as conditions allow. Hope everyone stays safe, and we look forward to getting back to fishing in the next day or so. Thanks

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