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Dead PIGS holding Triple Tails!!! Awesome Cat Island 3 day tip, and Great Day Trips(Reds, trout, drum and MORE)!!!!



We have not had much of break since Hurricane Nate rolled through. We were able to get out shortly after the storm passed. The first trips out were taken very slowly. There was an insane amount of debris floating in the MS Sound. We found huge rafts of grass, limbs and junk. The scary part was finding the big trees, logs and timbers floating right at the waters surface. Yes, there were a few dead animals floating out there too. Wouldn't have believe it, had I not seen the video and pictures, but Capt Kenny and Capt Ray found a huge bloated dead hog with a big triple tail under it!!! They got the triple tail to fall for a live pogey, since none of the bait shops were open yet to have live shrimp.
I was down south in the LA Marsh, the same day as they found the  hog and triple tail. We did find some clean water, and tons of jumping shrimp and trout. There was a ton of smaller fish, but that only makes thing looking great for this coming fall. We did box a pile of specks and whites but probably threw back 5 fish for every keeper speck. The big white trout were in the mix, and we kept plenty of those. The big bull reds were mixed in with the specks and whites, and we caught and released 4 huge bulls. We caught all of the fish on the Boat Monkey popping corks, 2 feet of 30lb leader, 3/8 ounce jig heads with Matrix opening night/chartreuse tails.
Captain Kenny, Chef Chris, Mayor Walter, and myself did have a fun 3 day trip out at the Cat Island house with Barry Pessoney and his crew. It was a good bit choppy the first morning when Chris and I were bringing out the groceries. I was doing my best to watch the waves and avoid any floating debris. Out of nowhere, I had to dodge what I thought was a big floating log. When I passed it, I got a whiff of something terrible, and realized it was ANOTHER DEAD PIG!!! I spun the 26 Avenger, and what do you know, there was another triple tail under it!!! I pitched a live shrimp to it, and got it to eat on the first cast. This one was not as big as the 22 incher Kenny and Ray had caught. Mine was 15 inches, so it got tagged and released. Gotta love them pig ole bloated nasty hawgs!!!
Barry, his dad George and their buddy Rich were really into topwater trout fishing. For the late evenings and early mornings, they threw top waters. Barry even jumped in the water one evening to wade the island. When the sun was low, the top water bite was pretty darn good. The most action came off of the Super Spook, Skitter Walk, and KVD Sexy Dawg. One evening we fished well into dark-thirty. The bite was so good that they were having to listen and feel for the bites in the darkness. It was one of the cooler things we have ever done out there.
Capt Kenny and his crew were doing a number on the slot reds and big trout. They did most of their damage with the Boat Monkey corks with live bait under them. The hardest part of the whole process was getting through the rat reds and the pin fish. When they could keep the baits away from the little thieves, they would nail a slot red, or nice keeper trout. Since we threw a lot of topwater with this crew, we had some stud trout in the mix. Between the fantastic food, the great fishing, and the nice weather, we had a great time with them.
While we were out at the Cat Island House, Captains Alex and Matt were doing very well on their day trips. Capt Matt was putting a hurting on the slot reds. Alex had dialed in some big fat trout. They also put their crews on puppy drum, bull reds, white trout and even a couple triple tails. The cool thing to, is that they were fishing all over the place. Some of their trips were down in the LA Marsh, and some were right out in the front yard in MS Waters. It's looking like it is gonna be one of those memorable Fall Bites. We will be very busy the next several weeks, but if we can get yall out on the water, we would be happy to show yall a great time. Give us a shout if we can help. Thanks

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